If Electronic Cigarette Was Invented by Big Pharma

If electronic cigarette was invented by Big Pharma, everybody, including kindergarten population, would have already heard of it. Not only that, they would have known all its benefits by heart!

Like everybody knows about nicotine gums, patches etc. (Having only 5% success. Long-term success I mean, that's all that counts.)

Effectiveness of pharmaceutical aids.

Please choose one of the following statements:

  • Pharmaceutical aids helped me to stop smoking permanently.
  • Pharmaceutical aids helped me to stop tempoarily.
  • Pharmaceutical aids helped me to reduce the amount I smoked.
  • Pharmaceutical aids did not help me to stop smoking.

Being an electronic cigarette user for quite a while, it is a good feeling to observe more and more smokers switching to electronic cigarette with the same ease my family and I did. I love to read their online reports on immediate health and other benefits they have experienced. Forums, news comments, blogs and other internet meeting points are full of testimonies of these happy switchers.

However, there is one constant theme emerging after everything else has been said: I didn't know it was so.... I had no idea... I haven't even heard...how come I didn't find out about this before...

Now, isn't that more than just a bit unusual?

I mean, there are so many people with decades of smoking and dozen attempts to quit behind them, already having some smoking related health issues of a more or less serious nature. Also, they have been ostracized as smokers and subjected to any or all California-style bans out there.

Just to explain - California-style ban is when they forbid you to smoke inside your own apartment (?) because they fear that smoke might seep into neighboring units. (bwahaha). They actually enforced that in some San Rafael apartment buildings.

To add insult to injury, smokers have been spending considerable amount of money to finance their addiction.

So, they are the people who have repeatedly tried to solve the problem, most of them with no success.

Image showing quit attempts by vapers before switching to the electronic cigarette.

Just look at the graph two and then go back to the graph 1. More than 90% of smokers tried to quit at least once. Only a fraction of these, less than 5%, gave up with the help of NRT.

With all the modern media, business development, marketing techniques and gurus, how come most people don't have information to make a decision about a product manufactured since 2004 and entering West societies in 2006-2007?

How come they hear of electronic cigarette only by accident, through a friend of a friend or a colleague?

How come the same thing happens to them as it happened to me years ago? I had heard about electronic cigarette but dismissed the very idea in a second. I had no other information on it whatsoever. The first thing that crossed my mind was that no  battery operated device could ever replace the real thing. 

Things haven't changed much, as far as mainstream media consumers go. Even today, most people either don't have info on electronic cigarettes or they have the wrong one, deliberately sent their way.

Still wonder why? Very powerful entities - government, tobacco and last, but never least, pharmaceutical industry don't want people to know about it. They employ media to occasionally spit out the "reports" like that one in Florida - one of the sneakiest manipulations I have seen in recent years.

To put it in a nutshell, AP were reporting on an unfortunate accident caused by a jumbo home-made electronic cigar that exploded in man's mouth. They somehow managed not to utter a signle word about type, size and origin of that particular device. What they did do, was plastering normally manufactured electronic cigarettes all over the screen half of the time. Really!

The other anti-e-cigarette US pillar, FDA, tested a dozen brands of electronic cigarettes and reported finding some harmful substances in some of the testing samples. Which quantities? Someone had to dig that out from them. And when the answer saw the daylight, it turned out that the horrible plot to poison the smoking population was conceived using a thousandth fraction of what an average tobacco cigarette contains! 

What matters was that news and media were overflowing with nitrosamines and anti-freeze enough to freeze any smoker's intention to even consider electronic cigarette as an alternative. How much damage they have done will remain unknown. It takes seconds to scare people off, and they know it. Heck, they have mastered it!

Let's face it - e-cigarette industry is a serious threat to more than just one powerful entity. And this is what happens when you step on some powerful toes.

Try to reverse the situation and think of what it would look like if electronic cigarette was the powerful toes' product? Let me help you:

If electronic cigarette had been invented by Big Pharma, marketed and sold by them, everybody, including kindergarten population, would have already heard of it. Not only that, they would have known all its – truly efficent and effective - benefits by heart!

But it isn't and they don't and for the time being electronic cigarette remains the most underestimated product there is.

Oct 13, 2012

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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