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This is  a Pro Kit review, and here's  more on Batteries and more on Flavor Cartomizers.  

Green Smoke Pro Kit 

Update 2018 - What follows is  a review from 2013. A lot has changed since that time, including the Green Smoke  which is now a part of another company, although the brand Green Smoke is still being sold. 

I don't know whether there's been any change to the product quality. So please understand that this is a review from five years ago. 

For the sake of transparency: Green Smoke kindly sent me Pro Kit plus some extra cartomizers and a designer battery.  I didn't have to pay for anything. However, I promise to write about it as if I purchased every single item. 

What's in it

  •           two batteries, long and short
  •           two packs of cartomizers, 5pcs each
  •           a wall charger
  •           a USB charger
  •           a USB battery
  •           a manual and a GreenSmoke card

Pro Kit is sold in UK as it is described and seen in the picture. US variant also includes a carrying case and car charger.

It came in a nice, sturdy and sleek box with magnetic closure. Plus USB cigarette and two packs of cartomizers at the side.

Let's scroll down just a little and take a look inside the box of the Green Smoke Pro Kit. There are the two batteries, and underneath you'll see a wall charger and a USB charger.

Green Smoke Pro Kit and Variety Pack


In terms of working time – Green Smoke Pro Kit automatic batteries prove to be doing a good job. It's 4-5 hrs of rather intensive vaping  on the short and 6-7  on the long battery. Of course, someone who isn't sitting at   computer desk all day long might go with any of them for much longer.

As for the quality of material, I didn't perform any tests on purpose. They just fell off my desk couple of times and nothing happened. 

 LED light blinks to indicate they are out of power. While being charged, the same light is on all the time and goes off to indicate it's over.

See Green Smoke batteries for more detailed description.

Green Smoke Pro Kit batteries with a part of Designer battery to the right

We liked the overall battery design  – it's more gender neutral. It's beautiful, but not girly.  Men like it, too. As a matter of fact, my two GreenSmoke batteries have just disappeared in my hubby's pocket. (Green Smoke should have sent me the pink ones:)

The tip on these two is greenish and the light glows red but you also have the option of choosing green glowing version. 

USB battery comes in handy when you work at your pc/laptop. Many will use it much. It's  good that Green Smoke has it included in almost all their kits.


Green Smoke Cartomizers 

In the picture below you'll see best-use-before date clearly indicated on every cartomizer pack.

Cartomizers last for 6 hours on average. They say 360 puffs. 

Puffing digression:Everybody will have a different result if we try counting. That's why I don't do it. Apart from being a daunting task, it's useless.

Flavors are the biggest Green Smoke advantage, both in intensity and taste. If you smoke light tobacco cigs you can safely go with 1.2%. Also, 1.8% is full flavor, unlike some other brands. 

Green Smoke Cartomizer Pack

Now just a few recommendations:

If you are buying e-cigs for the first time, I strongly suggest  Variety Pack of flavors. Trying it out is not only great fun but also enables you to make your own assessment. There are features directly dependant on your preference and your smoking or vaping habits, which are not easy to quantify.

Review digression:  description provides much more valuable information than simply grading an e-cig using numbers. That's the best way to refer each one of you to what has the biggest chance of becoming your e-cigarette.

If you are new to all this e-cig experience, I suggest another pack to be some tobacco flavor. My advice would be Tobacco Absolute, cause it's more neutral tobacco flavor than the other two. That's why it could be the best one to start with. 

More on Green Smoke Flavors


  • flavors are excellent

  • durable cartomizers
  • nice, sleek and durable batteries
  • overall great design of products and packaging
  • usb battery included in the package 
  • well-done accompanying written materieal (Green Smoke card, manual, warning cards)
  • haven't heard of any significant complaint about customer service


  • cartomizer isn't equivalent to 30 cigarettes. That claim shouldn't be made. *
  • I'd love to see Portable Charging Case in Green Smoke's offer. Not that I need it, but there are people on the go most of their time

 *It depends on your vaping habits and, even more, on whether you're more addicted to nicotine or to the ritual of smoking. More about the whole thing here

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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