Future of Electronic Cigarettes

Whereas e-cigs are, in itself, already the future of cigarette, what is the future of electronic cigarettes?

We have all been witnesses of cell-phone development. First models were clumsy, expensive with only a few basic functionalities. Later they got smaller up to one point when they stopped shrinking, while being less and less costly. Today we have two types – simple, very cheap models and more expensive new ones that can do anything but clean your house. Which I can't surely state for the future ones.

So, with this analogy in mind (or without it if you prefer) what's the future of e-cigarette?

My guess would be a cigarette-size e-cig that is very cheap (unless governments decide to impose draconic taxes on it, which is also a possibility.)

These ones will be sold only per packs of cartridges, batteries will be free and added with any initial and any larger purchase. Whereas something like that is already being done sporadically, this will become a norm. And it will wipe disposables out – they are not environmentally friendly anyway.

Second type will be another one of the same size, or just a bit bigger to be able to hold all advanced functionalities you can (and can't!) think of yet. It won't need to clean the house, e-cig already keeps it cleaner!

While its size and shape will probably be same as tobacco cigarette, colors are where its design will flourish. The future of electronic cigarettes is probably going to wear all colors and nuances you can think of.

E-liquid will be bought and sold in larger numbers only if government makes electronic cigarettes expensive. The same reason why many people started rolling their own tobacco cigarettes.

Of course, as there are tobacco users who roll their own for the sake of the kick they are getting out of it, there are vaping enthusiasts who love to have themselves photographed steam engine style, with their collection of screwdriver- and little cupboard-like vaporizers (I don't even dare to call that e-cigarettes! ). They will always be a market for e-liquid, but I am talking about mainstream here.

The manufacturers will be obligated to package e-cigs in a way that enables easy storage of used ones for recycling. Anyway they will have to facilitate this process the best they can.

It will be decided by big players and (hopefully) growing e-smoking population. The big players are entering this market (one big tobacco company already bought an e-cig company, so this trend is going to continue). I only hope they won't push the little players out of the market, at least not completely.

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Oct 12, 2012

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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