Eversmoke Review

Over time we have received two Eversmoke shipments - one we ordered and paid for and another was kindly sent to us for free, so this review has been updated with some new info. And we did our best to remain impartial.

Update 2018: It was an old review from 2013. This company is now  VaporFi and has different and much wider choice of kits and accessories. Check them out.

The review now covers

  • automatic mini battery (standard), white - 250 puffs, manual version about 175 puffs 
  • manual long battery (high Capacity), black  - 275 puffs, automatic version about 350 puffs 
  • Flavor Sampler pack with six different flavors in 18mg nic strength (tobacco classic, menthol, peppermint, vanilla, coffee and cherry) 
  • 15-pack of tobacco 24mg cartomizers 
  • USB charger.

We vaped it all, everything worked fine and here is the report.

It all arrived neatly packed and what first caught our eye was beautiful design of these items and packaging. Cartridges came with plastic rubber caps on both sides. Now they are also sold in sealed strips, as you will see in one of the pictures below.

Eversmoke short battery and cartomizers from Variety Pack - tobacco, mentol, vanilla, peppermint and coffee


Eversmoke automatic battery (250 puffs) looks elegant with its crystal tip. It can handle 3 hours of rather intensive vaping. Charging it takes 2 hours at the most.  You can see it in the picture below.

Vaping Eversmoke
Eversmoke automatic mini battery

Update 1 - Eversmoke Manual Battery 

Manual Battery is a real beauty, probably the most beautiful battery in my cig-alike collection. What you'll notice first is that it is extremely thin and light. It also has a crystal tip like other Eversmoke batteries.

You use it by pressing this black button you can see in the picture whenever you want to take a draw and hold it as long as you draw on it. 

It works well which means the same amount of vapor, impressive considering its size.

Another feature of this one - it takes considerably less time to charge - just an hour. Much better than all automatic batteries I've tried out and used so far which take anywhere between 2-4 hours to get charged. 

Eversmoke manual battery - beautiful, efficient and charged in an hour, has a crystal tip

Eversmoke offer includes 4 kits. You can buy Express for $30, but their best buy in my opinion is two battery kit giving you the options of choosing between both manual, both automatic or a combination. All that for only $49.99 is a good purchase.


- are available in four levels of nicotine strengths: bold (24mg), full flavored (18mg), light (12mg), ultra light (6mg) and No nicotine (0mg). 

Just one note here - full flavored Eversmoke cigarettes are quite ok for light smokers, too. Not too strong we'd say. Now if we had to try 12mg, perhaps they should be too weak for us. 

Cartomizers are available in 10 flavors and we have tried six of them: tobacco classic, menthol, peppermint, vanilla, coffee creation and cherry. 

The amount of vapor was very satisfactory and there was no issue with any of cartos. Everything else here is a matter of preference.

We really liked the tobacco flavor - it was sharp enough and the throat hit is strong. Coffe Creation is our next favorite here – a full rounded, really pleasant taste.

I am not a good judge of menthol and peppermint flavors.Therefore any review on my part on menthol or peppermint flavors would inevitably be biased. As far as I could judge, though, they were good. Husband also thinks so. Vanilla and Cherry are ok. 

We vaped them all. Take your pick based on your taste. Even if you end up with some of eversmoke's flavors that's not your favorite, it's not bad either.

However, I think they need to do some more work on tobacco 24mg. While tobacco 18mg was quite good, the tobacco 24mg had some kind of chemical aftertaste to it. We got used to it and could vape it but there is some room for imrpovement here.

Therefore, we are going to recommend Eversmoke to light smokers without thinking twice. If heavy smokers want to buy something cig-alike, they better go with Apollo or Greensmoke instead.

Conclusion: this is an ideal cigarette for light smokers – those who smoke up to 15 lights, super-lights or ultra lights cigs a day. Or those who smoke more than that but are not hooked on nicotine so much as to the ritual of smoking. They'll get enough puffs - that's guaranteed.

ps. For the time being, Eversmoke seems to be interested in US market only, although they do ship worldwide. However, if they to do business internationally, they should do something about this high cost of shipment. I don't think that 28$ I paid for shipment cost to Croatia couldn't be less.

Update 2 - Eversmoke compatibility

Eversmoke, South Beach Smoke and Green Smoke batteries with cartomizers all jumbled up. Notice Eversmoke manual battery on the top with GreenSmoke cartomizer.

Eversmoke, South Beach Smoke and Green Smoke batteries with cartomizers all jumbled up. Notice Eversmoke manual battery on the top with GreenSmoke cartomizer. 

Eversmoke e-cigarette batteries have kr808d-2 thread and are compatible with South Beach Smoke .

They are partly compatible with Green Smoke (the draw on GreenSmoke cartomizer on an Eversmoke battery is not so smooth, although it's the same thread. I tried the other way round - GreenSmoke battery and Eversmoke cartomizer and it works fine. 

Update 3 Old Battery and USB Charger

The first battery we got in November 2012. Now is June 2013 and we still use it ocassionally (with all the cartos that are compatible). USB charger still works. 


  • elegant design
  • nice flavors
  • large amount of vapor
  • lifetime replacement warranty for subscribers
  • one-year replacement warranty for non-subscribers
  • both manual and automatic batteries
  • complete offer (includes portable charging case, USB battery, lanyard and more)
  • beautiful and thin automatic battery (highly recommended) with only 1 hour charging time



  • cartomizer life is less than advertised for many smokers. Explanation here
  • Eversmoke needs to work on their 24mg tobacco

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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