Electronic Cigarettes And Media

A collection of articles covering electronic cigarettes and media presentation of them. The idea is to track and debunk all prejudices and disinformation sent your way with the aim to deter you from what is probably the best thing that has ever happened to smokers - the electronic cigarette.

There's no Smoke without Smoke, Mr. Routledge

My reply to this Mirror's columnist.

"You are lucky that Mirror, where your article about electronic cigarettes appeared, doesn't allow comments. The label of your column - opinion - simply begs commenters to add the famous Dirty Harry quote. Yes, that one..."

Ecig on TV

Electronic cigarettes and media don't seem to get along too good, although there is less and less stigma against e-cig on the internet.What about TV? Well, some crucial information is still missing there. TV obviously does not consider it attractive (sensational) enough, I suppose.

Here I cover some recent scientific studies: the one that proves non-existence of something called "passive-vaping" unlike passive smoking. Plus a study on how effective electronic cigarettes are compared with a nicotine inhaler and how much less nicotine is absorbed compared with a tobacco cigarette.

Sick And Tired

This is actually a two part rant that has to do with electronic cigarettes and media but also goes beyond that, starting with Chantix and its weird side-effects (in some cases the adjective I just used is nothing but an understatement!).

It goes on with some internet powers that still confuse tobacco and electronic cigarettes, which is a funny thing since the same powers love to see themselves as being ahead of their time.

And it ends with my rant against strong-will mantra that some anti-smoking zealots are trumpeting all over internet. Although strong will works in some cases, in many other it doesn't help! They don't seem to get it.

Pressing Associated

Analysis of a report covering an event from February this year.

This speaks volumes about the anatomy of manipulation - if you look at it that way, you can see it goes beyond electronic cigarettes and media and explains what you can do when you have TV on your side. You can turn absolutely anything and everything upside down and present it as the whole truth, impartial reporting, an honest effort to investigate what was really going on.

Yeah, right. In reality it was an effort to hide the truth and use sensational potential of the news to promote a dishonest goal.

Had I not been caught in the middle of war and repeatedly watched this kind of manipulation often enough, which at times made me want to smash the tv set, perhaps I wouldn't be so sensitive to this kind of "reporting" now.

Ex-smokers Testify

An interesting thing has been going on with electronic cigarettes - while there is a plethora of articles trying to deter people from e-cig switch, there are more and more people ready to inform everybody on the net on what electronic cigarettes have done for their health. Some journalists got more comments than they expected. Not the praise they had hoped to receive, though.


Let's end this story about electronic cigarettes and media with my unsuccessful attempt to write something about ecig on ezinearticles. No, you can't do it today, because e-cigs are fobidden subject, as much as it is "hard alcohol". You can write about wine, beer, coffee as much as you like, though. Anybody notices that this does not make much sense? Well, I do.

Read more about Ban

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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