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EcigaretteDirect Halo E-liquid

This is an old cigalike kit I reviewed quite a while ago, so there's bound to be some changes. While a variation of this kit can be purchased on Apollo US site, our UK readers who might be interested can assemble their own from available parts on Apollo UK site. 

Now, this is a relatively rare bread of cigalike refillables. What I can say, and you can read in the review of Apollo Extreme Kit, is that this little 280mAh battery is unusually durable (it lasted me for 7 wake vaping hours!). At the same time it looks very ellegant, especially in black colour. 

Anyway, if interested in cigalikes that you can refill with e-liquids of your own choice, here goes

Apollo Extreme Kit blank cartomizers
Apollo Extreme Kit Portable Charger
Apollo Extreme Kit Battery
Apollo Extreme Kit USB Charger

Portable charger (bottom right) is optional for your kit. Nice to have if you are going out much, though. There is also a case for Apollo Extreme E-cigarette on the site under Accessories.

Vapour2 Pro Series Vape Kit

Can't say that I tried this one, but there are many very favourable reviews on the site. The price is significantly reduced, hence it found its place on my site. Click the link to access the page and find out more. 

Smoker's Angel a.k.a. EcigaretteDirect

 A lot is going on this site: reward contests, news on the blog, monthly discounts. It's work just keeping up with Smoker's Angel news. But we manage:) 

You'll see frequent discounts in both their e-liquid section: UK made (their own) and imported. To get more info, click the pics below to read our reviews, we've tried most of Smoker's Angel offers. Repeatedly. 

Apolloecigs UK


Apolloecigs often have very generous discounts which they often change.

This is how you get update on all their valid codes: whenever on Apolloecigs UK site, make sure you check the top slider with everything on it first. Then also check the left column - there are often codes for even more generous discounts, from 15% off onwards on anything you buy. Apply them at the chekout. Simply fill in the  field Coupon code and click the button Apply.

If you are wondering which type of e-cig or which kit to buy, check out our Apollo reviews.

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