Ecig Essentials

Ecig essentials - what you absolutely need to get started:

- two batteries

- two clearomizers and e-liquid (or a pack of cartomizers if you prefer cigalikes)

- one usb charger

Cigalike Ecig Essentials

Now, in case you don't want all that e-liquid and clearomizer hassle, you need to read this.

Also you might be a visual type who can't see an eGo or EVOD style battery as an adequate replacement for your cigarette cravings. Worry not - there are plenty of cigalikes on the market, imitating a real cigarette with more or less success. 

Some cigalikes from my collection

There are quite a few brands, but I'd like to refer you to the ones with good reputation. 

For your cigalike needs in US go to V2cigs. Follow the link and you'll find several cigalikes to choose from.

In UK, you can check out their sister company Vapour2 they also have some cigalike kits to choose from.

If you want to try cigalikes and live in UK, here are some good ones that we in the house used to enjoy occasionally and did a review on them 5 years ago. They have gone through some transformation, but are still present in menthol and tobacco variants, so you can choose.  

Mid-size Ecig Essentials

If you don't mind eGo and EVOD style battery look this might be for you. Also what you love about them are two things 

- endless customization options (choose where to buy your batteries,  your e-liquids and your clearomizers. You basically don't need to worry with eGo thread and compatibility issues. These batteries are very popular and sold everywhere. So are the clearomizers. 

- saving money - you can save anywhere from 0-80% of your cigarette costs. It depends on you and only you! 

Some eGo e-cigs from my collection

The most popular starter kit for quite a while was eGo. Today you can still buy mini eGo kit here and there. It's very favorable, and it's exactly the pen-style kit I started with, back in 2012.

In the meantime, EVOD kits and batteries appeared with the advantage of having a much easier to press and aesthetically pleasing button, flush with the battery.   

Another great purchase would be their EVOD Kit. Performance is similar to eGos, thread is the same 510, so no compatibility issues with clearomizers at all.  EVOD just looks more elegant. We've used them both for months, so that's what we found out when comparing the batteries. Read our review.  

A Word Or Two on Disposables

You can find disposables on almost any site that sells electronic cigarettes. They are sold either in single, 4 or 6 pack. They often give more puffs than the usual rechargeable battery: if the kit battery is 250 or 300 puffs, a disposable from the same company might be 300 or 500. But, once it's gone - it's gone.

Frankly, I'm not fond of disposables for a couple of reasons:

- they are more expensive

- they aren't an environmentally friendly solution - too much to discard after only a short time of use 

- some companies carry disposables and reusables of different quality altogether.

I can think of one situation where disposables can work really good: you're throwing a party and want to do something for the smokers who attend. So, buy as many as you can. This can be not just fun, but you may be of serious help to some folks. Some people may remember your party for the rest of their lives. Now, that's something! 

But generally, if you want to try a brand, better buy a small kit first. A small kit is what I'd call a minimalistic variant of essentials - you are buying stuff to try it out first. It has one battery, one clearomizer + 10ml bottle of e-liquid (or one or two cartomizers). Price range is $15-30.

When you try it out, you are left with a battery that can be recharged and an usb charger to do it. If you like the brand, all you need is another battery and refills (whether cartomizers or e-juice)

Update 2018 However, to each his own, and I can say that after five years my opinion on this has been modified. There are smokers for whom all this refilling biz is nothing but a hassle. One of them is in my extended family and this is the story how he drastically reduced a huge number of cigarettes he used to smoke. What did it for him was an electronic cigar

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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