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As far as  its taste goes, e-solid leaves plenty of room for improvement. Its strong points are considerable amount of vapor and it really lasts longer.

It is a gel substance, packed in a tube like toothpaste, used instead of e-liquid. Not to be mistaken for so-called nicotine gel (which is a nicotine replacement therapy - NRT).  

It arrived in a little 10g tube and looked cute. However its list of ingredients requires a magnifier - it was there on the tube in a very small print. I took some digging the internet and finally found an e-solid list on ecf forum on this page. If you continue reading that topic, you'll see people concerned about what's in there. The list refers to this one or similar product in different package from the same manufacturer, www.feellife.com from China. (They actually invented it.)

I squeezed some of the gel substance on a paper tissue. The smell was like - old pack of cigarettes left out in the rain.

I made sure to purchase the cartomizer specially intended for it. So I got it too - eGo M2 cartomizer stainless steel, 1.6 ml capacity.

This carto is not to be filled to its full capacity, though. It has a hole in the middle, so while you are vaping a little bit of vapor is supposed to go out through it. (If you fill it up with e-liquid instead, it will leak. But if you put a few drops of e-liquid in it, it'll work just fine).

Coil and wicks should be oiled with e-solid. That's exactly what I did.


gallery - click to enlarge

Alright, I put it all together and took my first few vapes. It released a respectable amount of vapor. That part is certainly good.


For some time I was vaping and hoping that the unpleasant taste would go away, that it was only the usual thing with the first few vapes. Well, it wasn't.

The only reason why I kept vaping was to find words to describe this taste to you - somewhat stale and artificial flavor - an aftertaste that's not really plastic but dangerously nearing it. And I can't really talk about any throat hit there - this unpleasant sensation was successfully killing it.  

You know that particular feeling when you run out of your cigarettes and for some reason are unable to get yourself a fresh pack – so you turn the house upside down, only to find your Grandpa's old ones. The problem is not just that it stayed there for a year since he died but it is the brand you really dislike. So, it is nothing but sheer addiction that drives you to light up.

e-solid gel with eGo-M2 cartomizer on an eGo-VV battery

These two sensations when compared are still not the same -  e-solid is actually something you've never tasted before, while you might have stolen one or two cigs from your Grandpa when teenage or broke, so you are familiar with that particular taste.  And his cigs didn't have any plastic aftertaste. They might be stronger, sharper or otherwise unpleasant, but not plastic.

I later cleaned the cartomizer and put a dozen drops of my usual e-liquid into it, to check if anything here was cartomizer's fault. It turned out that this carto did indeed lend a little bit of that plastic taste to the overall experience, but only a little bit.

All in all, e-solid taste is basically unpleasant. Not intensely so, however, I know that if this was my first encounter with e-cigarette, I would have never switched to it. So, it's no wonder that this product has somewhat fallen by the wayside. There is a plenty room for improvement.

Now having this thing in a tube might not be a bad idea, plus other reviewers agree that it lasts longer. I am not really going to test that feature. Let's just believe them;).

A note: I'm not trying to bash www.feellife.com - on the contrary, I've heard they are doing some very good work with flavors. However, if they want to push e-solid further, they should do two things - improve the flavor and make the ingredients list more transparent. 

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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