E cigarette Today

A series of articles about electronic cigarette today. Plus something about vaping vs Powers That Be.

Rant 2

In Rant 2 scientists that study vaping without vapers find all sorts of horrors, easily. Glantz beard split from its owner and tweets sage advice.

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Abstinence Only Fanatics

Although a vaper, e-cig reviewer, affiliate and vaping advocate even I'd never say vaping is the ONLY way to quit smoking. Victoria Coren, however, says one book solves the problem. That book is Victoria's little Secret. And, whatever you do, don't vape because she wouldn't like you to.

Vaping vs. Whining

Never in the history of the written word have there  been so many people ready to aroganty tell you that your work, your hobby or even your life is nothing but a pile of utter rubbish, and probably dangerous. 

However, when you offer an adequate reply to their accusations, you can bet there's a passive aggressive shitstorm coming your way.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Nothing is safe in absolute terms. However, if we are talking about electronic cigarette safety, it is a matter of common sense to compare vaping with smoking. And in this comparison, electronic cigarette wins manyfold - it is twenty (20!) times safer than tobacco.

For a variety of reasons, easily traceable if you follow the money, Big Pharma, Big Government and bunch of money suckling organizations have been persistently trying to equalize vaping and smoking in the eyes of general public. 

Unfortunately, with their excessive funding and media presence, their attempts have been successful.

Five Years Vaping 

Vaping since August 2012, I can say that my habit of relapsing to smoking after quitting attempts has finally and peacefully - died. 

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E-cigarette Research And Politics

Some people stand behind the idea that more e-cigarette research is needed. Others are trying to hide behind it.

Public Health Posers and Their "Focus on Kids"

This is not the first time and , I'm afraid, won't be the last that someone uses kids as a cover for their own manipulative agenda. For me it's just another sign that the levels public health posers are ready to stoop to are the lowest of low.

Public Health Circus 
(or how I found the right photo for this section)

Today in Sydney - tomorrow in your city. Enjoy Simon Chapman's shenanigans. By the way, Chap, I'll open another Twitter account, so that you can ban me once more, lol. 

The Secret to E-cig Success

Or why did it succeed where billions of dollars spent didn't? What's the idea behind electronic cigarette that made it so powerful? Even the most conservative estimates admit supremacy of electronic cigarette as a means to quit tobacco. 

City Councils Dreaming about More Tax And No Opposition 

No surprise here. Probably encouraged by their Big Brother WHO and its anti-ecig idiocy, some City councils are demonstrating the same levels of arrogant stupidity. 

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This paper on an online survey of e-cigarette users should be of special interest to everyone involved in electronic cigarettes business. How old are vapers, indeed?

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Chinese E-cig

Chinese Hon Lik  invented vapor cigarette as we know it today. E cigarette today can't be what it is without Chinese companies  manufacturing more than 90% of today's world supply. Some of them send it to you at no shipping cost whatsoever! With all that said, the quality of e-cig products you've just ordered from China is mostly – unpredictable. 

Electronic Cigarettes - A Revolution in Progress

How much money are the big three – your government, tobacco industry and big pharma, losing if you quit? According to my calculation, much too much! I didn't need any hard statistical data and neither do you.  If you haven't done anything similar before you might find yourself quite surprised.

Government vs Vaping

Have you ever considered the shortened life of an average smoker as big money savings for any government? So, it's not only the tax money we have been paying as smokers. It's the pension money we are leaving on the government's table.  

Tobacco Industry And Big Pharma

As far as tobacco industry is concerned, they actually want us to live longer despite the products they have been selling. They do want us to have superior genetics to endure it, so they can sell us their product as long as possible.

Unlike the Big Pharma, supposed to help us protect our health but too busy to care about that. There is big money to be made and in order to make that money virtually every step and every phase of our addiction is being covered with corresponding pharmaceutical help which somehow leaves much to be desired in terms of effectiveness. Not in terms of money we pay for it.

If Electronic Cigarette Was Invented by Big Pharma

 There's this product almost everyone who has tried is raving about. But you've heard of it only recently! Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible and why it is so. You might have even registered something about e-cig being mentioned, but the context was either totally negative or too dissmissive.

Well this is why - it was not invented by the Powers That Be.


Remove nicotine from the system of a, say, 20-30-year-long smoker and what you get is a person with focus impairment, weight gain and mood deterioration.

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