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This paper on an online survey of e-cigarette users is still in its draft phase, but should be of special interest to everyone involved in electronic cigarettes business. 

Click on Working Study to download this 15 page pdf. (It's an excellent read and you don't really have to be a scientist to understand it). Or you can have a condensed look with this link to charts.

There are some very interesting answers like this one on "How old are you?"

Out of 303 participants only 13% are 18-30, 55% are between 31 and 50 years old and 32% are over 50.

A good answer to all those who claim that e-cig suppliers are targeting kids. Well, if they were, they would be out of business before you could spell FDA. However, internet surfing conducted by me (smiley) shows that most suppliers are actually making a mistake, by putting so much focus on people in their twenties. So, they aren't breaking any laws, but it seems they are working to their own disadvantage.

They should be more concerned with the 40+, 50+ and even 60+. We middle agers and oldtimers haven't grown up with the internet, of course, but we are mostly not IT illiterate, you know. Moreover, many of us are doing our best to keep up and get on with new technology. However, all too often I see banners and headers with a young girl or young man vaping. You tube is full of people, incorporated or not, advertising e-cigs and being considerably younger than my nicotine addiction!

You bet I'd take their advice on how to make it on Facebook or how to improve my website look – anytime, with gratitude! However, with all due respect to their youthful enthusiasm, I wouldn't take any health related advice from someone who hasn't even lived long enough to have any smoking-related health issues. Ok, I might even do that, but not before I read or listen to a PhD confirming what that boy or that girl said on that forum.

Now it's about time some suppliers realize, what the nice folks at Smokers Angel already know, that the category they are relentlessly targeting makes less portion of the vaping population than they might expect. And those who have lived enough to really feel the adverse effects of smoking may be more inclined to accept electronic cigarette if approached properly!

This group has other interests and priorities, though. Which, by the way, do not include hanging on the forum with my jumbo carto attached to my turbo mod battery or, much worse and right out dangerous, kicking all the you tube a...s with my maglite self-made mod .

These priorities are clearly visible in the chart below. Look for yourselves

...and note the striking difference between the health and the like column.

What about You?

If you want to go more in-depth about your reasons to quit, there's an invitation on  My attempts to quit, part 2. I will be more than glad to publish your story on my website if it's good.

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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