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E cigarette affiliates are a part of an industry on the rise. I've been promoting e-cigs for a full year now and in the meantime have seen a number of e-cigarette startups, read hundreds and hundreds of posts written by smokers turned vapers, seen dozens of new e-cigarette sites etc.  

When I became an affiliate, 5% of smokers had already turned vapers and that info was circulating around. Now it's more than 5%, but it's still certainly less than 15%. Let me tell you this, although you've probably already guessed it yourself - there are years and years of steady growth in front of us!  And that's exactly where you can step in and reap the future benefits as an early  bird.

What Else Matters to E-cigarette Affiliates

2. We're dealing with consumer products here. Ok, Captain Obvious, you may say but many overlook this simple and self-evident fact and chase high one time commissions. No matter how high, however, one time commission happens once and then it's over. 

On the other hand, if you get affiliated with merchants who sell high quality products and pay recurring commissions, you can expect their customers to come back and buy again at regular intervals!  Even if your site is out of the picture for those customers when they make their repeated purchases, you receive commissions from every single sales they make. Now we are talking passive income!

3. E cigarette affiliates get relatively high commissions. Much, much more than Amazon's 4-6%, I assure you. The ones I'm working for pay anywhere  between 10 and 30%, most of them between 15 and 25%. The Commissions in e-cigarette industry can be as high as 50% but what matters more is the quality of product i.e. how well it converts.

Having said that, it still doesn't mean that you should be satisfied with four-percent-crumbs someone is willing to pay you. Especially on books or CDs. How many (thousands of) books or CDs would you have to  sell with that 4% windfall anyway?

See the best e-cig affiliate programs

It All Works for E-cigarette Affiliates, But...

People have been making money promoting e-cigs, so this works. But this is not easy money, unlike many are led to think. You've got to do a lot of research and that part is only the beginning.

That's why I am going to provide you with a shortcut  through a huge pile of data, so you can have an easier start in what is, without any doubt,  a thriving industry. 

There are many affiliate programs on the net, with more of them appearing every week. It may seem overwhelming but you shouldn't limit yourself to promoting only one brand. Such approach wouldn't make you credible at all, for more than one reason I'll discuss in one of the following posts linked at the bottom of this page.

For Your Successful Start

What I'm going to share with you here are the best affiliate programs in my opinion. This doesn't mean that there aren't any other programs out there with high quality products and treating their affiliates well. (But there aren't many, that's for sure)

You can get the information about 10 e-cig affiliate programs, along with my best tips.

Also, I will provide all the help I can. This decision is based more on my wish to help than on a calculation, but speaking of money, this is also a nice win-win-win situation everybody would like to participate in.

Frankly, I don't regard other affiliates as a competition, more as colleagues. Today's harsh and fast paced internet environment really puts us in the same boat. (But then again, I always tend to think big:)

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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