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Some time ago, I made a short three-month calculation of my e-cig savings. I compared the price of my eGo battery + cartomizers + e-liquid to what I used to pay for Marlboro Lights (equivalent to 4$ a pack in my country).

I assumed that battery life is 3 months (some suppliers actually issue 3 month warranty for their batteries). I have heard more than once it lasts longer.

Back to the calculation - here it is:

So 360$ : 115$ is three times more and something! My yearly e-cig savings are 980$ (360x4 - 115x4). I can safely make it 1000$, since I would often smoke a pack plus 2 or 3 cigarettes. I bet yours are bigger, whichever e-cig you choose or have chosen.

Update 2018: Now, it's been more than 5 years, so we in the house have changed our vaping habits a little, and we can say that our costs haven't changed that much. Since we wape variable voltage batteries like Vision Spinner2 and Evod Twist, we do spend a bit more e-liquid, but nothing compared to those who vape sub-ohm. So, a bottle of e-liquid lasts 4 days for me and 5-6 days for my daugher. That's all. 

So, after you make your calculation, and if you have decided to switch to e-cig, count that approximately one third of that money is going to be spent on e-cigs. (Though you can save more or less than me, it depends on your priorities. And your location. If you are in New York, you are probably going to save much more than any of us).

I would shudder at the very thought what kind of money those people who smoke 2 and more packs a day have been throwing out of the window, if I weren't shaken enough by the idea what it is doing to their health.

I know that we are smart people (ok, ok, not in every aspect of our lives, obviously), but somehow, more often than not, we miss to put two and two together, exactly where it's the only thing we should do.

So, I've done my mathematics, have you done yours?

This is a world wide web and we all live in diffferent parts of the world.

Even if we stay in US only, being a smoker in NY and in Missouri is by no means one and the same thing.

It's good to put it on the paper, but if you've never done it, don't panick after you do it and see the results. Just think what this site you are reading is about.

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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