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Ok, after two years+ of vaping experience and some 30+ different Dekang e-juice flavors of various pg/vg ratios, here's my first Dekang e-liquid review.

Before I say anything else, let me make a disclaimer – all this is personal preference dependent to some extent. Still, you can take this as applicable in the sense that you would at least like what we in the house really loved.

Now, I'm not your typical US reviewer - as a matter of fact, I'm not a US reviewer at all - who tends to bash all Chinese juices in an effort to protect the home e-liquid production. Therefore I feel very comfortable to say what I find to be the truth – Dekang juice is a very good standard e-liquid.

And it's a reputable supplier - I also wouldn't vape just any Chinese e-juice. Heck, I wouldn't vape any other juice from the category of any

Thing  is, three of us in the house have tasted at least 30 different Dekang e-juice flavors and not a single one was bad or unvapeable. And when sampling e-liquids made by smaller US and EU manufacturers, although we tend to choose carefully, the typical outcome is – a couple of fabulous flavors we're going to reorder but also at least one bottle of what-the-heck-is-this!?

There's a logical explanation to it: Chinese had a  headstart so they've had a plenty of time time to practice, try, collect feedback, improve and standardize. And they have grown big. They don't have labor force shortage, now that's for sure!

Out of all Dekang e-juice flavors, coffee and mint are our favorites. We use coffee regularly because it's good and the price is very affordable. Although I had never smoked menthol flavored cigarettes, I actually quite grew to like Dekang mint.

The only better coffeelike flavor we've tried is the one from GreenSmoke Mocha Mist (again made by Chinese flavorists). That's one of our few favorites. It would have to take a major flavorist effort to top that!

For those who may not know - e-juice manufacturers aren't allowed to use famous tobacco cig brand names like Marlboro, Dunhill or Camel. So they try to find their way around it by giving their liquids some names that should indicate which tobacco flavor they are trying to emulate. In this case the names are USA Mix (dark and light), Hill Blend and Desert.

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The only problem we have with Dekang are these new bottles. They are hard to squeeze. And they look ugly.  

Dekang E-liquid - Flavor by Flavor

Coffee – our Dekang favorite, I don't think that anyone who likes coffee aroma would find this one bad. Only more or less good or even excellent. It's easy to mix with other related flavors to produce a really good experience. Caramel, hazelnut, flavors like that.

As I am writing this I have some Dekang coffee mixed with Virgin Vapor Organic Creme Caramel and I have to warn you, some would consider this a blasphemy:)

USA Mix – standard good tobacco flavor – many have started their vaping experience with this one. Pretty neutral, lets itself get mixed with just about anything else you have.

Recently they have branched this one out in USA Mix light and USA Mix dark. Now for some reason this Mix dark just doesn't taste good - it's the least favourite in the house.

Dekang Virginia – fine, but nothing memorable. I actually can't remember its aroma as I am writing this, but I did vape it.

Dekang Desert – it's daugther's. She used to smoke Camel for some time and she likes it.

Hill Blend - this one is trying to be Dunhill, the daughter didn't really like it but she still vaped the bottle.

Dekang Peach – we loved it. All over different brands you can see that peach flavor (like vanilla and some others) is very vapeable one. We have tried it in bottles of different manufacturers, in cartomizers of cigalikes and it seems nobody can go wrong with this flavor. It's simply too good.

Vanilla – I tried 100%VG, but preferred when there's some PG in it, too.

Blueberry, Strawberry, Lime etc. – now we are deep in the realm of personal preference dependant stuff. Apart from peach, this is the same with all fruit flavors. You either like or dislike them. I can say that I didn't particularly liked any of these.    

Mint – not too intense, more mild and excellent dekang flavor.

All in all, for the life of me I can't see why some people are bashing Dekang. Except for their hard to squeeze bottles  with huge ugly caps. 

Dekang e-liquids

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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