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Concise E-cig Basics And Weekly Deals FREE, Issue #001 -- teaser here
October 14, 2012

Concise E-cigarette Guide has everything to get you switched from smoking to happy vaping. E-cigarette explained, types thereof, general recommendations. There's a glossary for you to look up a word you need.

Weekly deals

US – cigarette style e-cigs

US – pen-style e-cigs

UK – don't miss Smokers Angel and their great offer – two kits in one!

On the same page, down, you might want to check Greensmoke, US supplier just arrived to UK market

There is a Coupon Code for 10% and 5% discount on everything you buy

disc10-28987 , disc5-28987 enter them into the field Enter code

In case you have any questions whatsoever, there's a contact form on

If you want to share your tobacco smoking experience there's an invitation for you on

Vapefully yours

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