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Well, I'm not going to bash all Chinese e-cig manufacturers. After all, they invented vapor cigarette in the first place. We have to give them credit for that. And they have been dilligently manufacturing what seems to be more than 90% of today's supply.

With that said, truth still has to be told: the quality of that  e-cig you've just ordered from China is mostly – unpredictable.

People place orders all over the world. Many Chinese companies offer free shipment. You pay nothing for it or you can order 2$ cheap tracking service which works fine except in the hours when it is congested by numerous tracking report requests occurring at the same time. Anyway it works, though it may not work the very moment you want it to.

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left: I wasn't lucky with my Chinese order.

right: eGo VV battery is quite a looker.

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Sometimes there is delay or the goods never arrive like it happened to my husband last summer. Sometimes everything arrives in perfect order and is of a decent quality, especially if you remember how little you paid for it. Sometimes the package is there but its quality is questionable.  

My new Chinese e-cig order followed this last pattern – it was eGo vv battery, e-solid and three clearomizers (CE4S, eGo-M2  and T2).

This CE4 S clearomizer I got (basically CE4, but can be taken apart, cleaned and 

put together again) is useless – there's a strong burnt taste from the first draw.

My T2 worked well for 7 days and now I need to draw from the bottom of my lungs if I want to get anything from it. My eGo vv battery works fine but I had to put it together today because it just fell apart in my pocket. M2 clearomizer does its job well, but e-solid leaves much to be desired.

Here's exactly what the retailer is good for –   Chinese manufacturers don't send  retailers low-quality batches because they want to do business with them.

I am not even going to open the subject of e-liquid. Under the present circumstances, largely unregulated, I'd stick with reputable US manufacturers like

Virgin Vapor and Highbrow Vapor. (links to our reviews)

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Want to have them in pdf?

I'll certainly have many more Chinese e-cig products. After all, many things you can buy today are actually Chinese e-cigs with the label of some US or UK based company on them.  But I am not likely to place any direct individual order to China any time soon. And if you need any more reasons, you can click the picture above and read my review of e-solid, too.


Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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