CE4 Clearomizer Review

It is a top coil clearomizer that often comes in eGo kits. Its clear plastic shell allows you to always see how much e-liquid you've got in the tank. It has a screw-in mouthpiece which seals around the atomizer to prevent leakage.

UPDATE: 2018 - this clearomizer, especially its variant with hidden wicks, is still in use and there is a good reason for it. Actually, a couple of them - widely available, favorably priced, compatible with popular eGo and EVOD batteries, easy to use, spends little e-liquid when compared to more advanced tanks - CE4 is the Toyota of clearomizers. 

  • CE4 Clearomizer capacity 1.6ml
  • Length 74mm
  • Diameter 14mm
  • Single weight 15g
  • Atomizer resistance 2.4-2.7Ω

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Two CE4s can last for a month without any special attention, if they aren't DOA (dead on arrival) and unless you burn them with too high voltage. 

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There's another place where you can buy this as well as many other clearomizers - Central Vapors

Update, In UK - EcigaretteDirect aka Smoker's Angel  you can find only Aspires and a variant of CE5 there now. However, CE5 has issues, so I'd stick with Aspires.

Back to CE4

It can last up to two weeks if:

  • you take care to keep the wick wet. This means when using it, you shouldn't have less than 0.5 ml of e-liquid in it at any time, otherwise the wicks wouldn't be absorbing ejuice. 
  • you don't vape it at higher voltages (4.5V or more). What you need is 3 - 4.0V.

Apollo gives two week warranty on its CE4 clearomizer from their eGo Superior Kit. (Link to our review)

Good Points

  • gives a nice, heavy vape. Of course, looking at this from my present 2015 perspective, there are much more powerful ones now, but CE4 clearomizer is a good value for the money.
  • really easy to fill. You don't even need to have needle cap. Fill it directly from the bottle, just make sure that e-liquid doesn't enter the hole in the middle. See the pictures below.
  • it's affordable
  • it's available everywhere 
  • it's no hassle
  • and it uses much less fuel than stuff like Protanks 2 and 3, not to mention sub-ohm tanks

This clearomizer goes very well with eGo batteries both functionally and esthetically. That's why this type of clearomizer is often sold with eGo batteries in a kit.

Don't mistake  eGo CE4 for  TGo CE4. They look  similar and both have the same price! (Update 2015 - TGo has somehow fallen by the wayside, it's mostly eGo in the stores today).

Not So Good Points

  • We've been using CE4s for months and we can't find any (keep in mind this thing costs 2 or 3 dollars per piece).
  • However, make sure you purchase them from reliable suppliers offering  replacement warranty. 

CE4 Burnt taste?

A couple of possible reasons

1. You might have started to vape too soon. Allow a couple of minutes for wicks to absorb the liquid thoroughly.

2. You might have started to vape it at too high voltage. I noticed that the best voltage for them is the low one -  3.0 - 4.0V.

3. Everybody manufactures CE4 today. This is both advantage and disadvantage. Take a look at the pic below. I hope you can see the uneven surface in the central circle. Well, my daughter brought one CE4 the central circle of which was totally even - and it didn't work, of course. So, make sure you buy things from a supplier that lets you return DOA items.


An advice is to buy more Ce4-s when you see them offered at a discount. 

To avoid confusion, know that there is also a short wick variant. And there are newer versions of this clearomizer that can be taken apart and washed.

Not really recommended

We took it apart once just to see what's in there, we washed it and it was never like before. I see people still looking for advice how to dissasemble it and put it back together. Probably because many eGos are still sold in kits with 2 CE4s. Use a screwdriver, unscrew the bottom part and let everything dry thoroughly after you wash it. But if I were you, I'd rather buy CE5 now.


What you see here is called CE4S by its manufacturer and can normally be taken apart. We ordered it from China and it was DOA. 

Time to meet Mr. D (my husband) and time for him to jump in because another clearomizer needed resuscitation. (He is one of those engineer types that just won't leave things alone:) 

CE4SOur CE4S taken apart before the coil head replacement

Mr.D's Corner

First he used a sharp object (tiny nail) to free the air passage from the bottom, it seems to be blocked somehow. Then we tried to use our CE4S but it gave us burnt taste after using it for a short time.

I was getting ready to really bury it in the garbage, but Mr. D took one of his spare Vivi Nova coil heads and replaced CE4S-s head with it.  They are compatible. That's good to know. We still use it with our Apollo VV battery (link to our review) 

Btw, I tried to see the difference between CE4s and CE5 but I couldn't really. There seems to be more difference between CE5 from various manufacturers than between these two. It's the overall confusion some other reviewers have already talked about. Everything has been developing pretty fast. 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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