Best Electronic Cigarettes for Ladies

What you are looking for here are most probably some high quality e-cigs with an elegant design. We've tried several most popular brands on US market and are sure that you'll find your favorite among them. Reviews are included in links. All of them ship internationally.

Update 2018: Switchtoecig site is from 2012, so this page used to contain some links to reviews of several cigalikes made by companies who either don't exist any more or have products that are unrecognizable today. So, before I go back to reviewing cigalikes properly, I'll just leave a few recommendations that are not my experience but more from the word of mouth.

V2cigs EX series

  • Batteries are 3.94 inch long, with 280mAh capacity. They are supposed to be enough for about 300 puffs, but this is not what I can guarantee, since I haven't tested this kit. While on their site, you also may want to test their other cigalike kits. 
  • Here's the link for a couple of similar kits sold by their sister company in UK  Vapour2
V2 EX Series - advanced electronic cigarette technology

South Beach Smoke

Read oru review on South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke's basic starter kit with two batteries looks great.

With new, improved batteries and 10 different flavors, you are bound to find at least a few favorites. Mine so far are vanilla and peach.

This brand has a complete offer: manual, automatic and USB batteries, Portable Charging Case, enough flavors to chose from and pretty favorable price plus discounts.

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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