Best E-cig for VG Lovers

Virgin Vapor Organic E-liquid

Here is something for VG Lovers, i.e. those who prefer Vegetable Glycerin e-cig to Propylene Glycol (PG), whether it's out of necessity, or just a matter of taste and amount of vapor. 

Vegetable Glycerin, i.e. Glycerol, extensively used in food processing and cosmetics industry, has had a better reputation than PG.

On a side note, I don't really know why anybody would scream antifreeze whenever PG e-liquid is mentioned - a pet "argument" used by some careless journalists in their little online articles.

The only thing that holds truth is that some people are allergic to PG  - and these are the same people who are also allergic to certain kind of soaps, toothpastes and food containing it. If you are among them, you better stick with VG e-liquid. 

For Refillables

Virgin Vapor e-liquid review

Now, if you are in favor of second and third generation electronic cigarettes which are all refillables, the model is here of less importance and what matters is e-liquid. So, if you need to find yourself an e-liquid with VG base, people at Virgin Vapor are specialists here.

They insist on selling their e-liquids in nice little glass bottles and it's also noteworthy that some of these got awarded by Spinfuel, a reputable vaping magazine. 

I have tried several of their e-liquids with rather complicated names Organic Banana Coconut Colada or Best Damn Tobacco and a few more. You'll find more about it in our Virgin Vapor E-liquid Review.

UK/EU Corner

In recent years (so this is a bit of an update, now is 2018), direct lung vaping style has become popular and with it, some new vapegear appeared more suited for this type of vapegear use. Also, corresponding e-juices that are either 100% or 70-80% VG hit the market. Ecigarettedirect ejuice.

Lately I reviewed a nice little kit that can be adjusted for both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping JacVapour s 22. 

JacVapour s22 Vape Kit

For those interested in 100% VG juices, Virgin Vapor has its EU collection. Check it out here. I ordered from them twice several years ago, everything arrived timely and shipping costs were low.

For Newbies  

As for the kits, I always recommend eGos, EVODs and Visions for its simplicity and its being absolutely everywhere, just in case you need a replacement. Almost all have the same connection, so different models are compatible. You needn't worry about whether your battery will match your new clearomizer tank or other way round. 

Now, when buying clearomizers, make sure they go well with VG e-liquid. Always read what is written in the product description. 

Best E-cig for VG Lovers - Cigarette-like


You may find Prosmoke a good choice. Although many cig-style suppliers have PG based e-liquid in their cartridges/cartomizers, this company has only VG filled cartridges and models that are 3 part, but simple to put together. And it's a little cigarette with battery pretty good for its size and respectable amount of vapor for its size. 

Prices range from $59.99 to $109.99, and there are 8 flavors. There's a variety of nicotine strengths (0-28), so any smoker can try it. 

Prosmoke Kit review

Nicotine strengths to choose from are 0mg, 8mg, 14mg, 18mg, 22mg and 28mg, the last two being suitable for heavier smokers. Read our review of Prosmoke Kit.

Digression: Most other brands in the cig-like category have 18mg nic strength max; some even don't go further than 16mg. Lately though, companies are adding higher strengths - I do hope everyone has realized by now that at least twice less nicotine is absorbed from vaping than it is from smoking, so we don't really need to develop nicotinophobia.  

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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