Apollo Superior eGo Kit

 This is an old review from  autumn 2012, so I'll provide a 2018 update right below the specs. Apollo Superior eGo Kit includes

  • two 900mAh eGo-T batteries  
  • 2 CE4 clearomizers,
  • a USB charger,
  • a wall adaptor and
  • a FREE 10ml bottle of Apollo e-liquid (flavor and strength of your choice)

UPDATE 2018: Apollo discontinued eGo Superior kit. If in USA, find eGo Batteries on CentralVapors. Here are two links, one to 1100mAh eGo Battery and another to their small eGo starter kit (eGo battery with CE4 clearomizer). As you can see, it's quite cheap, and frankly, I can't really guarantee its quality.  But if you want something cheap to start with, why not. On the same site you can buy more CE4 clearomizers. I recommend CE4 wickless.

In case you are new to e-cigs, just  this: 900mAh capacity battery should keep you going all day long without recharging a battery unless you are a heavy smoker.  

Apollo Superior eGo Kit uses CE4 eGo clearomizers (see my CE4 review ) and Apollo provides two week warranty for these. They are also sold separately like batteries and accessories. CE4 holds 1.6ml of e-liquid.

For the purpose of comparison, if you smoke light cigarettes, 12mg  should do the trick. There are individual differences, but the deviation shouldn't be large.

If you are looking for an sGo style electronic cigarette, perfect for the heavier smoker, this is the unit for you.

What follows are short reviews of the battery and tobacco e-liquid which are part of this Kit. There are other flavor options for you to order.

Apollo Superior  eGo Kit Battery Review

Apollo Superior eGo Kit battery and Apollo e-liquid bottle

Standard eGo 900 mAh is strong and relatively small. In the picture below you can compare it with eGo 1000 mAh batteries, Apollo eGo VV and eGo VV 650 mAh (silver).

Although small, Apollo Superior battery works just fine. You can go all day without recharging. Charging time is not more than 2 and a half hrs. 

I can't stress enough the advantage of eGo 510 thread. Accessories are available practically anywhere. Everything is 510 compatible which makes our lives much easier.  Anything in the picture below fits with everything else.

Update after 8 months of use. This is how long it lasted for me, which is pretty good for a battery in that price range.

Apollo Tobacco e-liquid Review

Nice tobacco flavor, not really much different from Dekang tobacco we sometimes use, which is a standard good quality e-liquid. 

Being used to adding fruit flavors in our Usa Mix, we seem to have ceased to enjoy tobacco flavor so much. With that said, e-liquid in that bottle is of a decent quality, but nothing spectacular.

Another interesting thing – prefilled cartridges of Apollo Extreme Kit have somewhat sharper tobacco taste than this e-liquid, although their strength is 16mg and this one is 18mg. 

Update on Apollo 50/50 PG/VG ejuice: in the meantime, Apollo started making their own ejuice in their facility in California. I reviewed quite a few.  Read in more detail on my review page Apollo e-liquids

Important: when on Apollo e cig site, look at their slider and also take a look at their left column. They often have discounts 15-20% on their complete purchase. There are generous holiday discounts, too. All discounts have their coupon codes. You need to enter the code with your order at the checkout and click "Apply".  

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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