Apollo Extreme Kit

Sold both in US and UK, Apollo Extreme Kit is - unlike their Standard Kit - intended for heavier smokers. Update - with blank cartomizers they are carrying today, you can customize your experience with any nicotine strength and flavor you choose.

What You Get with Apollo Extreme Kit

  • two batteries 
  • 5-pack cartomizers - 
  • wall charger
  • USB charger

Batteries are 280mAh each, length 123mm or 4.84inch with cartomizer attached.

Cartomizers have 300 to 350 puff capacity. Flavors to choose from are tobacco, vanilla, coffee, cherry, menthol, variety or refillable blanks. Nic levels  offered: 0-8-12-16-24 mg.

Apollo Extreme Kit Battery and Tobacco Cartomizers Review

Battery is  longer than the ones I reviewed recently. See the picture for comparison. It is hardly noticeably heavier than minis and it endured almost 7 hrs of rather intensive vaping without recharge. It can practialy last you all day unless you vape incessantly. A very pleasant surprise for this size battery - highly recommended! Perhaps not necessary to mention: it also looks elegant.

Apollo Ecigs - Extreme Kit battery when compared to a mini battery (Eversmoke)

This extravagant combination of battery and cartomizer color you see in the picture is due to my somewhat disconnected self who didn't check the color of cartomizers while ordering. You can have them in black, of course. Also, you can order white battery if you prefer.

Apollo cartomizers are sealed and packaged separately in a standard 5-pack. 

Although their flavor is a matter personal taste,  it's still possible to shed some light on the overall experience. Unlike the battery, this specific tobacco flavor is just not for everybody.

It's best described as dry with a  bitter-sharp note, sharper than Apollo Tobacco e-liquid. Now, even if this is not exactly your cup of tea, the note is not going to kill your experience, but it's here definitely. Dunhill smokers might like this more than Marlboro smokers (as far as I can remember Dunhill).

It's  intended for all those smoking  so called good and strong cigarette, more on the dry side. Wouldn't be surprised if some who roll their own might find this great too. 

It is not for those who smoke perfumed cigarettes. It may not be the best choice for vapers who quickly transitioned from tobacco flavor to other flavor, fruity for instance. 

Apollo Tobacco doesn't disappoint in any way: 16mg here looks really as if there were more mgs nicotine in it. Perhaps because of that sharp tobacco note.

If you are still wondering whether to buy it or not, try Apollo's variety pack first.

A heavy smoker (2 packs and more) would most probably really enjoy the 24mg Apollo tobacco. You want to switch - go with this, it won't disappoint you. If you have used other brands but aren't satisfied - try this. 

As for the carto life: I vaped it all and it outlasted the battery a bit. So, Kudos to carto life, too.

Now, after checking my review one more time, there's no mention of vapor amount that Apollo Extreme Kit ecig provides. Probably because there was no issue with it whatsoever.

Apollo ecigs

Pros and Cons of Apollo Extreme Kit



- long battery life

- long cartomizer life

- looks  elegant and made of high quality materials

- respectable amount of vapor (almost like my eGo with CE4 clearomizer and that is a big battery)

- good, solid throat hit. For instance, 16mg nicotine strength really tastes stronger than that number. If you want to cut down on your nicotine level and still feel like you're smoking, this may well be the answer

- tobacco flavor is tailored for heavy smokers and well done

- one year warranty and customer service has been praised

- excellent value for money, especially when you apply one of the coupon codes they regularly give (see below)

- no cons, just a warning - if you are a light smoker, try some light variant of other flavor.


When on APOLLO ECIGS site, make sure you check the left column and the top slider - there are often codes for even more generous discounts. Apply them at the chekout.

To go from US to UK site, click the little EU flag at the top of the page. 

If you are wondering which type of e-cig or which kit to buy, check out our Apollo reviews under the tab Review above on this page.

Apollo also carries a bunch of solid clearomizers. Find them under the tab E-cigs   Clearomizers

Apart from this one, there's also Standard Kit. It has a Portable Charging Case and batteries plus cartos with less capacity both, intended for light smokers.

I recommend you browse through Apollo site. There is a wide variety of cig-alike and pen-style electronic cigarettes plus some with advanced features. 

Update 2018

Apollo Challenger Kit - former Extreme Kit, cigalike or so called slims, refillable with your own e-liquid

What you see on the left is Apollo Challenger Kit, an updated version of Apollo Extreme Kit. You can check it out on Apollo US site. Click the picture. 

UK vapers can not get this one. However, they can assemble the Extreme Kit by themselves. The cartomizers are blank, which means they can fill them with e-liquid of their choice.  Below are the picture of parts - batteries, blank cartomizers, usb charger. Optional, but very convenient is the portable charger for Extreme Kit. 

This is especially valuable if you go out often. That way, you can carry your cigarette in ellegant pack-like box where they are being charged at the same time. Very convenient and not overly expensive. UK readers, click the pictures below which will bring you exactly to the page of the product you wish to explore. 

Apollo Extreme Kit blank cartomizers
Apollo Extreme Kit Portable Charger
Apollo Extreme Kit Battery
Apollo Extreme Kit USB Charger

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