Apollo E-cigar 

It's not only for cigar enthusiasts. This e-cigar is my favorite of all Apollo products and I'm not even using it. Bear with me, here comes a true story.  

Apollo e-cigar

This is my uncle. He is 70, living in Dalmatia, making his own wine and olive oil while enjoying life on his island. And, of course, being stubborn like only some Dalmatian uncles can be.

As a passionate smoker of 2 plus packs a day for decades, he mercilessly mocked my vaping, and it was going on for quite a while. 

Since we live some 300+ miles apart, we don't see each other often. I made an effort to introduce him to e-cigs couple of years ago. He said he would give it a try, but only cigalikes. He did it and gave them up soon, although I supplied him with the best on the market.

He refused to consider anything else, not to mention my Evods. 

Also, he didn't like the fact that the e-cigs I gave him were refillable – he considered it a major hassle and there was nothing  anyone could do to change his mind. 

He told us he was having increased problems with breathing and coughing and often found it hard to fall asleep. No wonder with 40+ tobacco cigarettes daily. 

It was going on until this summer, when we went to his place for our summer holiday. I showed him the e-cigar you can see below.

About Apollo e-cigar

The seller says it's up to 1600 puffs and its nicotine strength is 16gr. It mimicks cigar look very well and has its aroma, not as bitter and sharp as some cigar flavors on the market, but pretty distinctive nevertheless.  

Apollo e-cigar US site

Apollo e-cigar UK site

My hopes weren't high

As you can guess, I didn't set my goals too high -   only to get him to try it, nothing else. I had two of these with me and I was vaping one under his nose for a couple of days. 

Of course, for the entire duration I was subjected to his mocking – hahaha, you look ridiculous with that big piece of crap. At the end of the fourth day, my e-cigar ran out and it was time to replace it with the second one. It was then when I told my uncle to try it and if he didn't like it, I'd keep on vaping.

Well he did and after a few vapes he said with utter amazement: “Oh my, this is very satisfactory!“  

Of course, I gladly switched back to my refillable Evods and Spinners and let him have that one. Now my uncle was hooked on e-cigar, there was hope he'd stop coughing and having serious problems with breathing that he had. Long story short, after 5 months and several batches ordered from UK Apollo – he orders 12 and gets 2 of them for free – here he is, vaping happily, smoking only 12 cigarettes a day, mainly after meals and with his coffee,  and, most importantly, breathing normally. When we're on the phone, he never misses to say I saved him.

Funny thing is, although I am an affiliate and this is basically a review affiliate site, I haven't made a dime from my uncle's vaping. I could have, but thing is, I was so anxious to switch him from 2 packs a day to any less harmful variant, that I completely forgot to give my affiliate link for ordering. 

If you are interested in getting these in US and UK, here are the links below this paragraph. You may want to order one if you just want to try it. If you  want to get one for free, order six. They will charge you for five. Also, watch their discounts around holidays (and in between).

Apollo e-cigar US site                                                              Apollo e-cigar UK site

Apollo e-cigar - great for cigar enthusiasts who want to make a switch to vaping but not only for them

Try Apollo E-cigar

Although experienced vaper, I never really cared about e-cigars, but this fine product really changed my mind about the whole thing. Plus, there is a number of smokers who find the whole refillable business nothing but a hassle (hey, we are that different!) and they also find cigalikes unsatisfactory mainly for their limited capacity. My advice would be to try this.

 Apollo e-cigar UK site

Some Update on Savings 

Both my uncle and I weren't concerned about this, since our priority was his healh. Besides, it's difficult to say how long this or any other vaping product will last in your case, dear reader. However, we have some real life data based on two quite different vapers, so here goes: 

So it was 3.5 days before my Apollo e-cigar ran out. It would be equivalent to around 80 cigarettes i.e. 4 packs. This was based on my former smoking that was up to 1pack + a couple of cigs more. Now, I've been a vaper since 2012.

Uncle's savings - This e-cigar lasts him for 5 days. In his case it replaces around 30 cigarettes daily. Remember he used to smoke 2+ packs which is now reduced to 12 cigarettes a day + vaping. So, in his case  Apollo e-cigar replaces 150 cigarettes. 

So, this is the range you can work with 80-150. The cost of this e-cigar without discounts is $14.95 or £12.95. Considering carette price in our country (around 3.5$ a pack), he saves at least 100$ a month. 

You're welcome to do your math or ask anything.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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