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People are misled to believe it's enough to apply for affiliate membership and put a banner plus a few links on their cute little 3-page website and the money will pour in. Well, you can always dream on. There are also some who'll openly despise you for being an affiliate.

For them I have only this: I am proud to promote and review the outstanding products that e-cigarettes are. I said it in my privacy policy, I put it on each and every page in my website footer. This is why: I know what e-cigarette has been doing for  my family's health and mine.  If you want  to become an e-cig affiliate - my advice is to adopt this attitude if you haven't done that  already.

The common misconception that many seem to have about affiliate business in general is partly derived from those ridiculous pictures plastered on practically every affiliate programs that you can see out there, e-cigarettes or not.

There's usually a young man or woman, all dressed up and laid back in a comfortable chair near a computer desk, legs on the desk, and dollar bills flying all over the place, confetti style. Or just bundles of dollar bills piled up to make a small tower sitting next to the laptop.

The above pics aren't linked to anything (until somebody pisses me off, of course:) Before I go on, let me tell you - this type of baloney is partly responsible why the affiliates are generally despised.

Nobody tells you that lots of cash is only the end result of a successful paths some affiliates will experience. The path is a process that takes time and hard work. So, if you are just starting, please be aware of this. It is viable but it is not get rich quick scheme, nothing like that.

However, if you stay with your affiliate business, learn much and improve constantly, you can make much more than slaving for a boss in a cubicle. 

Yours faithfully is a highly sceptical individual that wouldn't buy any grq bs.  Ok, once I bought into it offline, but only because I trusted the person that sold it to me, so I didn't give  the project itself much thought. 

Anyway, it was a good school with a high schoolarship and there is Msc.NeverMore on my diploma.

Provide me with a useful map, promise me blood and sweat, but prove to me that the whole thing is going in the right direction – and I'm buying.

This is, of course, easier said than done.

Generally speaking, a few will tell you that making money is NOT something that just happens and showers you with that money from those pictures.  Well, I can tell you IT  is a process and have several stages

- research and entering affiliate programs (days to weeks)

- creating a web-site and blog, writing a content that your visitors will find useful (weeks to months)

- maintaining those pages and adding new useful content, staying put and responding to the news in the industry (months to years)

- e-mail list building, newsletters (all the time)

I don't believe that half-a$$ed one to three page web-site heavily populated with banners will do anything for you. That's not a shortcut, that's a hit in the dark and in 99% of cases it's a miss.

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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