Now, we have covered the essentials, let's move to accessories you might either need or want.


Wall (home) charger lets you plug in your USB charger. In addition to charging all of your e-cig batteries, this adapter charges most of your USB powered devices, like your phone and MP3 player. So, it's possible you already have this one at home and use it for something else.

South Beach Smoke - click to read review

Here are South Beach Smoke USB and wall chargers.

Car charging adapter - plug, charge and drive. This adapter will also charge most of your USB powered devices, like your phone or MP3 player.

All kinds of USB chargers  - with and without cord, multiport USB charger...

Adapters – in case you have two incompatible items - battery of one style and cartomizer of another

Additional Batteries

Read review of Green Smoke Batteries - click

GreenSmoke USB e-cigarette you can see above lasted us for months.

USB cigarette (Passthrough) lets you vape while working with your laptop/computer, no need to recharge whatsoever. Attach it directly to a USB port through a cable and vape away. That way it is on continous charge which means that your eCig is ready to use at all times. 

It allows you more flexibility and you don't need to drain other batteries when using a computer. Passthrough can also be plugged into a USB wall charger or USB car charger for even more convenience.

Designer batteries – Although battery is essential, I put these into e-cig accessories, since I suppose nobody starts their e-cig purchase with designer batteries. I may be wrong, of course.

Green Smoke designer battery

GreenSmoke Designer Battery with Mocha Mist flavor clearomizer looks really good.


Portable Charger Prosmoke - click to read review of the whole kit

Personal (Portable) Charging Case (PCC) - for charging your batteries while on the go - no need to use electrical outlet or USB port for that. Manufactured for mini e-cigs resembles a cigarette pack but on steroids. Charge it at home and use it everywhere to recharge your batteries.

Carrying case – for your e-cigs and cartomizers and (some of them specially created) for your showing off. What you see below is pictures of a very stylish Green Smoke case, available in three colors (black, brown and this one - tan) beside a usual case that you can see a part of (the green one).

GreenSmoke Leather Case

(Almost) everything else

Lanyard – well they have even that although you don't often see people wearing their e-cig around their necks

Pouch - also something to carry around your neck, ideal for the forgetful likes of me. (When we don't forget to carry it, of course)

E-cig stands and holders (some of them known as vapetrains, too) - all kinds of, from wooden ones made by hardworking carpenters, to this little one in the picture, very handy for your eGo, EVOD and similar batteries. 

What you see below are Smoker's Angel Accessories, (available in more colors on their site).

Smoker's Angel Accessories, lanyard, pouch and eGo e-cig holder

Bungs in colour for your cartomizers – a cute little detail, but also comes in handy when you use more different e-liquids. You want to know which is which, of course.

Drip tips - used either as a mouthpiece or for dripping e-liquid directly onto the atomizer in case you use pen-style e-cigarette with atomizers as a separate part.

Needle caps with or without bottle, a cute little thing that comes very handy when you need to refill the cartomizer of your pen-style e-cigarette. There are some types of clearomizers that can hardly be filled without needle cap or syringe.

Also, I have this  thing below from UK  - a Multi port USB charger from - you can charge four batteries at once. Update2018 - they aren't selling it any more.

multi port USB charger from ECigaretteDirect

This list of accessories is not final. By the time you come here there might be even more things on the market. If you find something I haven't, contact form is down here.

Drop me a line, I won't misuse your e-mail address and that is the promise.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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