APVs - Advanced Personal Vaporizers – Too Much of A Good Thing? 
(series of posts from 2013)

If you want a long story short here, I support development of electronic cigarettes but I don't recommend APVs (like lavatube, provari and similar) to most smokers, simply because they are too good. You'll end up vaping all day long and buying more and more of these Chuck-Norris-approved gizmos. Besides, this variable voltage feature together with low resistance atomizers makes users of APVs spend too much e-liquid, which is associated with higher recurring costs, increased necessity to think about hydration AND this is not the whole story.

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Practically all the smokers and ex-smokers I know (and I know hundreds!) are - if we judge them by their choice of cigarette brand - not really prone to experimenting.

I mean, I have known truly unique people among smokers, but if you look at what any of them smokes or used to smoke, uniqueness they possessed did not reflect itself in the choice of cigarette brand. In that respect, they too tend to follow the herd like I did with my Marlboro Lights.

My husband used to smoke Marlboro Red, my daughter – Benston, and you can hardly get more conventional than that. Smokers in my neighbourhood and all my ex working environments used either one of these or any of a few established brands in the country, with their light, super light and ultra light variations

If you ask any smoker to give you a truthful answer as to how many of the cigarettes he smokes daily he really, truly enjoys, I bet the answer would be - not more than five, really.

In my case it was just two with my morning and afternoon coffee plus that one after lunch. All other 200 000+ cigarettes in thirty years of my tobacco history I didn't smoke because I liked them, but because I was (and still am) addicted to nicotine. And the same is with other people.

What we wanted and what electronic cigarette delivered is liberation from high risk of smoking related diseases, some of them very nasty, no more secondhand smoke to people around us, no more odor, ashtrays and social isolation...

Nothing less than that.

And nothing more!

Now there's a group of APV lovers who just does not think that's enough. I wouldn't have a problem with them but every once in a while, they are trying to impose their own preference on every e-cigarette newbie that comes their way. You tube and e-cigarette forums are full of them, their APV collections and recommendations.

We all know what cigarette smoke looks like. Well, for some reason known only to them, these APV enthusiasts can't get satisfied unless their vaping produces an effect like this one.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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