APVs - What Smokers
Don't Need

continued from APVs Part one

Suppose you are buying your first car. You want it to take you from point A to point B without leaving you on the road, plus to be easy and not too expensive for maintenance. Now, you've come to the car dealer, looking for something like this

I bet you would be more than just surprised if the dealer tried to recommend you this

First, because it is and it looks totally different from what you asked for.

Second, because this thing has much more initial costs than you are ready to even consider, let alone pay!

Third, because it has high maintenance costs and it is a fuel guzzler!

As for electronic cigarettes, it is not only a matter of APV initial costs. I'd even say that these are the least of problems. If they are a problem at all. I mean, if APVs come with long warranty like many do, let them cost 150 – 300 dollars.

Something else bugs me here.

Most smokers, more than 90 percent, don't really need APVs to quit tobacco cigarettes altogether.

The APV enthusiasts flooding you tube and forums (pun intended) vape anything from half to a whole little bottle a day (10 ml). Such voluminous consumption has more to do with using variable voltage settings and low resistance atomizers/cartomizers than it has with their previous addiction.

I mean - anybody with a nicotine addiction similar to mine PAD, vaping their days away on his or her variable voltage device set „to fit exactly their throat hit and their blah blah and their other blah blah“ spends between 2 and 3 times more e-liquid than I do.

For comparison purposes, I have a sedentary job, am mostly alone with my e-cig, freely using it all day long and I spend not more than 1.5 ml of 18mg nicotine eliquid a day! Which means one bottle lasts me for 7 days.

I also tried an e-liquid of 12mg, the bottle lasted for 4-5 days, so it was more like 2.0ml daily.

This is not an ad-hoc statement, I have done my share of comparison and mathematics and so can you if you want to see for yourself. You don't really have to dig deep for that information – go to ecf forum and you'll find a number of topics with data supplied by users personally.

Those enthusiasts, however, don't seem to notice any problem there. Except that their vaping is not really so cost effective compared to smoking. On the contrary, in many cases. That's why they are heavily in DIYing e-liquids, but it's their business anyway.

If it is, then why am I so sarcastic? Well, I have seen time and again a newbie comes along for recommendation on his starter kit and here comes the crowd with some of their start-with-the-great-thing-right-away advice.

And it's wrong advice, because most smokers don't need it. Most smokers, more than 90 percent of the them, don't need a chuck-norris approved variable voltage, wattage and whatnotage screwdriver looking e-liquid guzzling monster!

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