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May 13, 2015

Public Health Posers And Their "Focus on Kids"

This is not the first time and, I'm afraid, won't be the last that someone uses kids as a cover for their own manipulative agenda. For me it's just another sign that the levels public health posers are ready to stoop to are the lowest of low.

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May 10, 2015

Apollo e-Liquid Review

All Apollo e-Liquids are US made, manufactured in their own facility by people who are both avid vapers and experienced chemists.This all accounts for a rapid increase in quality with several e-liquid series, each excellent in its own way.

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May 07, 2015

Apollo eGo Box Kit Review

A very interesting vaping starter kit, intended primarily for those who seek more power from their standard batteries. Still, there are other attractive features eGo Box battery has that we haven't found anywhere else.

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May 06, 2015

Driptonic E-liquid Review

Driptonic e-liquid series (new name in US is Fa-Q) have 10 delicions e-juices. We tasted three - Imperial Milk, Viva Las 'Nanas and American Pie and here is our review with buying info.

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May 04, 2015

Smok XPro M45 Box Mod Review

Flexibility, enhanced by 510/eGo adapter, 2200mAh capacity,solid ventilation system and wide strength range to set it to your desired level - all these make SmokXPro M45 a very good choice.

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May 02, 2015

Five Pawns Grandmaster E-liquid Review

Widely recognized for its highest quality and standards, this e-liquid is manufactured in a state of the art facility in Irvine, California. Five Pawns has been highly praised by many reviewers for everything, from its packaging to its taste, so I'm very glad to have it here on Switchtoecig site.

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Apr 22, 2015

Public Health Circus

If you haven't had that privilege already, meet Simon Chapman, Professor of Public Health at University of Sydney and his new article Want to quit smoking? Switching to e-cigarettes won't help

Somewhere below his harm-increasing headline, Mr. Chapman gives us the main point of a new study he's cheering.

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Apr 19, 2015

Vision Spinner 2 Review

Actually this is a review on two almost identical batteries Vapros Spinner 2 and Vision Spinner 2. Together with info where to buy it in US and UK

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Apr 02, 2015

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery

Aspire CF sub-ohm battery with a compatible tank you'll see in this review may be your introduction to sub-ohm vaping. If your vaping style can be described as direct lung inhale and if you love the idea of cloud chasing, you'll probably enjoy this Aspire set

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Mar 31, 2015

Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank - New Review

Curiosity, together with the popularity, wide availability and relative simplicity of use this device can boast were enough for me to change my mind and write a review on a device so different from anything else on this site. Nice people of ECigaretteDirect from UK who sent me the Aspire set.

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