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eGo VV Battery

Among the stuff I ordered lately, here's this eGo VV battery ordered directly from China. (In case you're new to this, VV stands for variable voltage.) Although you can find some more popular models with similar functions,  like eGo-C twist that can also be purchased at Panda e-cigs on the banner below, this one is rather interesting, mostly due to its looks, I'd say.

Length: 108mm/ diameter 14mm (ilonger than standard eGo battery)

Capacity: 900mAh

Voltage: 3.2V-3.7V -4.2V  

Best match: ECHO cartomizer; eGo-T Atomizers 

Charging time: 2.5 hours (Charged it a dozen times already and this is correct)

Thread: 510/eGo

It has manual voltage regulation.  Voltage settings are 3.2V-3.7V-4.2V, suitable for most 510 atomizers/ cartomizers.

I tried it with my CE4, clear clearomizer 510 and ViviNova mini and it works fine with any of them.

The eGo VV battery comes in default mode of 3.2V
To change the voltage you need to press the  button 5 times quickly and the LED ring below the button will change colors  (i.e. voltage settings) from red  to purple. Pressing the button quickly 5 times will change the voltage in the following sequence:  3.2V (red) - 3.7V (purple) – 4.2 (blue) – and then back to 3.2V (red)

This  battery has overcharge protection. Once the charging is done, no more current is supplied to the battery. LCD power indicator bar in the bottom shows the remaining power.

Well, it certainly looks interesting with all the lights. There is an observable difference in vaping at 3.2V vs 4.2V and it   certainly is a change in comparison with my old standard eGo-T battery.

As far as I'm concerned, this feature is not so special to make me permanently switch from my old battery to this one. However,  some readers might find this battery much better than the regular (standard) eGo.  

Update after more than a year (it's April 2014 now and this review was written somewhere in December 2012). All in all this battery lasted for quite a few months and considering its low price we can say it was well worth the money.

Where to buy. You'll find eGo vv like this one practically everywhere today. Look at Panda, Apollo or Virgin Vapor if you are in US. 

Here's something I've been using for months. Apollo eGo VV, which is better, last longer and has an iron-clad warranty. See my review. This is our recommendation No1.

Recommendations No 2 and 3 are. Vision Spinner 1300mah (review here) and eGo Twist. 

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