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This page lists mainly cig-alike kits and just a few mainstream eGos and EVODs plus V4l kit with a dual mode battery. If you are more interested in a mid-size variant, here is another page withUS Mid-size Ecigs 

To read a review of any of the kits in photos, just click the image. For info on suppliers, scrol down.


Read Green Smoke Pro Kit Review

One of the industry leaders with a range of best quality, beautifully designed products & highest level of customer service! I've reviewed their Pro Kit, more cartomizer flavors with various nic levels and their designer battery. 

Click the picture to read Greensmoke Review and grab your coupon codes.

Apollo E-cigs

Apollo Extreme Kit review

Beside eGo and EVOD models (more about them in US mid-size e-cig), Apollo has  two cig-lookalike kits - Standard Kit for light smokers and Extreme for those on heavier side. Here's Extreme Kit battery with tobacco cartomizers review. I recommend this e-cig for heavier smokers who prefer cigalike look to heavier sets.

In last three years Apollo has proved to have the very durable batteries (lasted far far more than usual three months, all of them), and there's always some discount so you can have one of these kits at favorable price. 

Quality you can afford. Performance you'll love. Apollo Electronic Cigarettes


With their great dual mode battery, Vapor4life entered our vaping life as the richest vapor ever seen in the house. Here is our review of Vapor Zeus dual-mode kit and some of their juices and below is a link to their new website featuring a tremendous choice for just about anyone. 

We found both Panda ecigs sections, regular and clearance very interesting

Clearance section contains  eGo 900mAh batteries - it's a good old standard eGo style battery I started my vaping with. There's also a great little Evolve Kit,  widely used clearomizers like Kanger Protanks, ViVi Novas, Aspires, many more and a whole mods section.

Other sections aren't less interesting –   with spare coil heads at favorable prices, eGo twist kit and batteries, iGo kit – interesting charging platform - eGo VV, some mods and more. 


Eversmoke review

We've purchased and tested Eversmoke mini manual battery with 6 flavor sampler cartomizers (picture above). Here just some basic info:Batteries come in two variants: automatic and manual switch. Automatic battery lasts a bit longer, but with manual switch you have more control and stronger vapor. 

Their cartomizers come in 10 different flavours to choose from with 4 different nicotine levels: 0, 6, 12 and 18mg.

My 10% discount for you is automatically applied with links and banners on this site.

Eversmoke offer includes 4 kits. You can buy Express for $30, but their best buy in my opinion is two battery kit giving you the options of choosing between both manual, both automatic or a combination. All that for only $49.99 is a good purchase. 

South Beach Smoke 

South Beach Smoke - review

South Beach Smoke has got a complete offer. Beside four kits and ten flavors, there's also a portable charging case, a USB battery and an excellent manual battery. With  beautiful design of cigarette batteries with a crystal tip and packaging, it is definitely attractive.

They feature affordable starter kits - click the picture to read our review of De Luxe Kit, batteries and flavors. More about batteries: SBS batteries


Read Prosmoke Review

Prosmoke sells cigalike kits. What's specific about Prosmoke, unlike other kits reviewed on this site are two things: 

- it has a 3 part cigarette battery - so instead of cartomizer it carries atomizer and cartridges separately

- it's e-cig is the exact same size as a tobacco cig

Click the picture to read our review of their kit 

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