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Here's our lineup of vaping recommendations for UK and EU. Of course e-cigs in UK are today sold on many other venues, but, apart from being reviewers, we are also customers of these companies. Which means, some of the items below we bought, other were sent to us by companies to review them.

Being in EU, it takes only a few days for vapemail to arrive to our doorstep now. 

Smoker's Angel/EcigaretteDirect

Click on the pictures above to see the reviews of their products. Also, visit our sections of clearomizers and batteries  to find their newer products, Aspire and other brands.

Ecigarettedirect a.k.a. Smoker's Angel is a very reliable supplier with the most complete starter kits on the market and always some discounts on the menu. Go right there by clicking one of these listed below or read on.

There's a great sale going on until May 1 and you can see the banners in our sidebar (scrol down if you are a mobile user). If you want to find out more about the products, read our reviews. You can also use the code switch15  for 15% off your purchase when you register with Ecigarettedirect.  

Our reviews on their products cover  almost everything this company offers at the moment - both cig-alikes and pen-style, flavour cartomisers and e-liquid. So, here I'd like to draw your attention to some excellent deals.

ECigaretteDirect has decided to spread a word and to spread their products. That's why they offer great discounts for their starter kits. 

Another great Smoker's Angel feature for starter kits and their advantage over the competition: they let you try both nic levels in their standard kits!

Apollo E-cigs UK 

Beside cig-style kits, Apollo carries EVOD and eGo kits. Very cost-effective kits, both in terms of initial and recurring costs.

FREE Shipping, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, One Year Warranty 

For the clearomiser CE4 - 2 weeks of warranty 

Alos, Apollo has  two cig-lookalike kits - Standard Kit for light smokers and Extreme for those on heavier side.  I really recommend this kit.

Find our reviews on Apollo Products by clicking the pictures below.

Greensmoke UK Site 

This highly reputable US company has come to the UK market as one of the industry leaders! 

They offer a range of best quality, beautifully designed products and highest level of customer service! I've reviewed their Pro Kit, more cartomiser flavours with various levels of nic strength and their designer battery.

Click the picture to see our  Greensmoke Review and grab your coupon codes. Also use pre-holiday and holiday opportunities to get 15% or even 20% off your purchase. 

For other days, here are some coupon discounts for you: 10% discount (purchase value over £62) and 5% (below that value). It is for one-time purchase and refers to everything you buy then

Coupon codes for UK customers are

disc10-28987 , disc5-28987

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