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Buying Electronic Cigarettes

If you are new to this, there are a few things about buying electronic cigarettes you need to know.

First, electronic cigarette in itself is such a superior product that even a Chinese knock-off of a Chinese genuine product made my switch easy. (Btw, that genuine product is good, the knock-off was so-so).

However, it doesn't mean that the same thing works for everyone of us. Besides, you probably have (and should have) concerns about safety and controls. If you always tend to be on a cautious side, no matter what, perhaps you should go only with what's US made and forget all worries.

Safety and control issues

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You probably want to be sure that e-liquid in your cartomizers or bottles is strictly controlled. You want to know what's inside and make sure you don't buy anything containing unwanted substances.

If you are more interested in pen-style e cigarettes for they offer more customizable experience and usually stronger batteries, you will be in position to buy things from more suppliers. There are quite a few e-liquid manufacturers and many offer US made e-juice.

Virgin Vapors make VG e-liquids, although you can buy PG and mix from them too. I suppose that future trend is going to move e-liquid towards VG base. They keep and sell them strictly in glass bottles and seem to make quite a case of not keeping it in plastic ( I believe they are right, although I don't always adhere to it). 

Highest quality

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I'm sure you want to be sure that cartomizer material is of high qualty

You may also want to have warranty concerning battery life and a replacement warranty if needed.

If you are buying electronic cigarettes, you should do that only from reputable suppliers. They don't mess things up because they have a business to run and customers to take care of. Plus big pharma, government and big tobacco watching them, and these can't wait to point a finger at anything. (They have done a lot of waiting, btw.)

Here's a reputable supplier for US and UK. I know that some of the buyers are from Canada and Australia, too:


For shopping at Greensmoke, apply discount code disc5-28987 for anything up to 100$, or disc10-28987 if yout total shopping amount exceeds 100$ 

To subscribe or not to subscribe

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There are some suppliers who offer free kits in exchange for obligatory subscription. I am not saying they are no good, but you shouldn't order free kits of a brand you have never tried. You don't want to get stuck with a product you might not like, with supplies billed to you on a monthly basis, while in the meantime you might have found something better even in your nearby store!

...and then find how difficult this subscription is to cancel. Of course you can save a considerable amount of money with subscription option. But only if you subscribe to something you really like. Everything else is money thrown out of the window!

Also, you don't want to have a no-name product. That's why I am listing only big name products. There are enough of e-cigarette suppliers on the market today to choose from. Choose the best and make your switch easier!

Here's Apollo, both for US and UK vapers, with its collection of cig-style and pen-style ecigs, flavor cartomizers and e-liquid. Plus they are really giving that disposable e-cig for free! Buying electronic cigarettes from them starts with a little gift for you.

Apollo E-Cigarettes

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