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Many affordable e-cigs are of low quality, but not all. You may save your money sacrificing the quality, but I suggest you don't do that. It's not necessary. Here on my site I've got two suppliers of great and favorable electronic cigarettes and they are among several suppliers we in the family buy from.

Apollo E-cigs  

ships from US and UK

If you want to save money, definitely go with Apollo ecigs. They have some pretty good deals for you and they give free replacement warranty.

For instance, their Standard Kit is a cig-alike kit intended for light smokers.

You can get 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers, 1 Portable Charging Case (which in itself is usually more than30$ worth) a wall and usb charger.  The price is 69$ but there's often a discount you can use to get it even more favorable. 

Or if you are a heavy smoker but don't want to give up on cig-alike there's Apollo Extreme Kit (click the picture to the left for review) featuring two batteries, a pack of cartomizers of your choice, a car, wall and USb charger. 

Apollo Extreme Kit battery - read our review
Read our review on Apollo eGo Superior

Not to mention Apollo eGo VV we reviewed, which is a very affordable e-cig, considering how better it is from the rest of variable voltage eGo batteries. Their Superior Kit the battery of which we used for months.  

Generally eGo kits are big money savers in the long run, like we explained in this text on e-cig savings. We are talking here about 2-3 times less money overall compared with tobacco cigarettes and depending on where you live. For those who prefer variable voltage and new clearomizers that go well with it, Apollo seems to be expanding their offer in this direction too. 

ECigaretteDirect if you are in UK

If you are in UK and looking for an affordable e-cig, go with the EcigaretteDirect (Smoker's Angel) without thinking twice. This brand sell high quality e-cigarettes with replacement warranty although I've been using them since October last year and don't need any replacement yet.

And they always have some incredible discounts. Check this one out. Their cigalike Smoker's Halo Kit is often sold with free Mini Kit. The best cigalike offer we've come accross in terms of money-value ration.

Both their cig-alikes and eGo style e-cigs (click the picture below to read review on Halo Ultra Tank) are good with great offer that starts with starter kits of course. They let you try two nicotine strengths both in their cartomizers and their e-liquid.  

They also carry two dozens of e-juice variety, some of which are UK made and most are imported, both great. 

Batteries from Ultra Tank - click to read review

A side note for those who would like to save their money: always look for the discounts because there are plenty of them in the industry. I always try to get some good ones for you - subscribe to coupon codes and weekly deals below.  

I'm not spamming people's mailboxes - if you get an e-mail from me, it means there are some very good deals out there I'd like you to know about.

You may also find the suppliers like Apollo who have a sort of general and generous discount on everything they sell that slightly changes every month.

There are often pre-holiday sales from 15-20% usually all over the e-cig industry. You may find your best electronic cigarettes for discounted price. Plus you'll normally have a discount on your monthly purchase or on the purchase of more cartomizer packs.

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