ViVi Nova Mini

Tank Clearomizer (2.5ml Tube & Long wick)

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My ViVi Nova Mini Tank Clearomizer has a long wick and came with

  • transparent tank tube
  • Vivi Nova tank base
  • 1 atomizer head 2.4 ohm 
  • and 1 black drip tip

They usually come with 3 atomizer heads (1.8, 2.4 and 3.8 ohm).

Just checked Virgin Vapor - e-liquid manufacturers - they have mini ViVi Novas for as little as 9$. (See mini ViVi Nova tank cartomizer)

Some ViVi Nova minis are sold in varios colors of transparent tank tubes. Besides, drip tip doesn't have to be black like the one they usually come with. Any 510 drip tip will do.

WARNING:  Don't  use  cinnamon based e-liquids with plastic cartomizers or added flavoring like cinnamon, wintergreen, spearmint, peppermint....
Not for use with 100% VG based E-Juice  For best results, it is advisable to use 70PG/30VG.  

Both ViVi Novas (mini - 2.5ml and standard - 3.5 ml) go better with advanced personal vaporizers like Apollo's Vtube or similar, so before I even bought it I knew it wasn't really for me.

We are entering the Chuck-Norris-approved realm of advanced personal vaporizers here:) because for some of you the classic eGo cigarette might not be enough.

Good Points

  • Well, I can see the advantage of this clearomizer: the flavor is more intense and the throat hit is stronger. I compared it with my CE4s and CC 510 using the same e-liquid: dekang 18mg tobacco US mix. 
  • It's easy to fill and doesn't leak, no matter at which angle you fill it. I have some occassional leakage experience with other clearomizers I normally like using. 
  • it looks powerful 
  • you can use it many times (it usually comes with a month guarantee)
  • you can experiment wiht different resistances.
  • It's easy to clean. Simply put it apart, wash its every part under running water and dry it very thoroughly. If you need step by step ViVi Nova washing instructions, you can find them on Virgin Vapor site: The ViVi Nova: Assembly and Care. Lately, I tend to clean my clearomizers using ethyl alcohol.
  • You have 2.5 ml tank in this one, meaning you can go longer without refilling (and 3.5 ml in ViVi Nova - the bigger and less elegant version, which is actually meant for APVs.)

Digression: This bigger one doesn't really look well with eGo battery, unlike this Mini. There is also a so-called "sleeve" - a small piece of metal you can screw onto the middle part of your battery where you attach your tank, to make it look even better with it.

Not So Good Points

  • It has somewhat limited use. See WARNING above.
  • With ViVi Nova I need more e-liquid than with my old clearomizers. 

ViVi Nova Mini at Virgin Vapor for 8.99$

You can buy ViVi Nova Mini at Virgin Vapor with 2 more coil heads, and all that for less than 9$. While there, check out some of their delicious e-liquids, too.

Update: ViVi Nova (Tank Clearomizer 3.5 ml Tube & Long wick)

ViVi Nova and ViVi Nova Mini

In the meantime we've got ourselves ViVi Nova, too. Apart from the tank capacity, everything else is the same. This one arrived in its standard package with two more coil heads of different resistances (1.8Ohm, 2.4 and 2.8).

The problem with ViVi Nova and other popular clearomizers is that everyone is producing them now. So what you need is a reliable supplier with favorable prices. Virgin Vapor in US has both standard and mini version.

The box contains:
1 polypropylene tank
1  Black mouthpiece
3 Atomizer heads :

  • 1 x 1.8 ohm Low resistance
  • 1 x 2.4 ohm Regular resistance
  • 1 x 2.8 ohm High Resistance

In UK, find it at Smoker's Angel

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