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Apollo ecigs

Apollo E-cigs ship from US and UK to everywhere. They have some mid-size e-cigarettes worth looking at. Here is a separate page featuring these e-cigs, in case you are interested in a more economic e-cigarette variant.

Lately they also introduced a respectable variety of clearomizers and several series of their own e-liquid. We've just reviewed Apollo e-liquids

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Although it carries quite a collection of cigalikes, Vapor 4 life owes its growing popularity to its own and powerful Vapor Zeus series. Two kits in several variations - one of which has a dual-mode battery, quite a unique feature and we simply had to test it. The review is here and it's almost glowing for a good reason. 

Beside these, V4l features dial-a-volt, an eGo like battery.  All threading at Vapor4life is 808 so it's not compatible with most widespread 510/eGo connection. 

Click the picture to read our review on Vapor Zeus dual mode battery kit.

Panda ecigs

Panda ecigs - a company from CA US - bring a variety of eGo style batteries on the table: 

Evolve Kit, currently on clearance sale for less than 35$, has two cigalike batteries 230mAh, but with eGo thread plus small 0.9ml Kanger clearomizer. Now, that's what an advantage if you prefer eGo - you have all necessary gear should any part stop working. 

Clearomizers at Panda - new and old Kanger Protank, Aerotank, Aspires, sub-ohm tanks and many other. Also, there are replaceable parts for all clearomizers in 5packs, batteries etc.  So if you are looking at Kangers for $19-24, be sure that you'll find it at Panda ecigs for $14-16 when there's a discount plus you'll also find  5 replacement coil heads for less than $10.

We bought there more than once, because of favorable prices. See for yourself on their clearomizer page

Virgin Vapor

If you are like me, you'll combine Apollo hardware with delicious juices from Virgin Vapor. Their selection of  juices is delicious. 

They sell e-juice made by themselves from organic US ingredients packed in beautiful glass bottles you'd want to keep after you've vaped it all. They prefer VG but also have 50-50 for us PG folks. I've tried their flavors and here's the review.

Click the picture to read it

Highbrow Vapor

If you prefer e-liquid with PG in it, you'll love  Highbrow Vapor. US made e-liquid by this small manufacturer has received accolades all over the net. We purchased five of them and wrote a review.

We absolutely loved their Apricot - a clear but not overbearing fruity aroma like a summer day near the sea.  

As far as their strong, tobacco e-liquids go, they give a really powerful throat hit. We took French Pipe, Cigar and RY4 flavors to see what's the big deal and we can say they deliver, although we are not fans of tobacco flavors anymore. But if you are looking for something that is not sweet, Highbrow Vapor tobacco flavors are definitely way to go. 

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