Halo Super Tank

and other Standard eGo Batteries

UPDATE: Dear readers, Halo Super Tank kit has been discontinued. However, Ultra Tank is sold and is very popular among vapers. Here is our review of Ultra Tank . If you are looking for info on standard eGo batteries, read on.


My use of e-cigs is pretty intense - sedentary work, vaping all the time - yet this  little 650 mAh baby lasts me almost a whole day.  EVOD or CE4 that comes with this kit will do.  Charging time – two hrs or even less. It's small – only the tip of CE4 clearomiser is lurking from my hand. I believe it wouldn't even be visible in hand when used with smaller cartomiser or clearomiser.

Smoker's Halo Super Tank battery, Apollo Superior eGo battery and no-name eGo-T

Left to right: 600mAh battery from this kit,  900 mAh Apollo eGo battery and a no-name eGo-T. Yes, I still occasionally use one of these batteries. 

This review was written in 2012 and now is 2015. Old eGo batteries are still in use. With its voltages 3.2-4.2V and capacities of 650-1000 mAh, they allow between 500 and 1000 puffs, depending on how big they are and how you vape them.

When coupled with a clearomizer that goes easy on e-liquid, like CE4 or EVOD, we can safely say they are the Toyota of e-cigarettes. No hassle, very affordable, relatively durable and don't spend much fuel. You can buy them separately.

Buy eGo 1100mAh Ultra Tank Battery 


Ecigarettedirect - Smoker's Angel's e-liquids

The kit contains two bottles of PG (propylene glycol) e-liquid of your choice among 20. In Smoker's Halo Super Tank kit they come in two strengths: 12mg and 18mg. I can't stress enough how good it is to offer two nic levels in a starter kit. I haven't seen anybody offering that in starter package so Kudos to Smoker's Angel for that decision.

Throat hit is fairly strong - even 12mg won't feel weak. 

You can use stronger e-liquid in the morning, weaker in the evening – that's what many vapers do anyway.

General note: If you are a beginner in vaping, you might want to start with tobacco flavours and then gradually add your favorite fruit or flower ones.

Here's more about Smoker's Halo (Ecigarettedirect) e-liquids. If you go there and buy anything, use my code, it will give you 15% off your purchase: SWITCH15

This code doesn't apply to Five Pawns e-liquids.

Premium UK E Liquid

Smoker's Halo CE4 Clearomiser

...enhances flavour and provides full vapour... until e-liquid reaches 0.8ml. Then you need to make sure it's tilted at an angle so that its short wicks can have access to e-liquid. I prefer to keep  it in horizontal position for a few seconds and roll it on the other side. It's not much hassle once you know what to do.

Smoker's Halo Kits - Price

Price of Super Tank Kit is £36.95 and Ultra Tank Kit costs £39.95. Ultra Tank is more cost effective having one more clearomiser  plus higher capacity of one battery, so I'd opt for this one. Everything else is the same.

Very good kit for a reasonable price. Look around the site to see if there are any discounts. 


  • small, but long lasting battery
  • excellent e-liquid choice (twenty flavours) and quality
  • two nic strength of e-liquid in a starter kit
  • e- liquid tested by reliable source
  • fast and favourable shipment with free option
  • three month warranty on batteries, one month warranty on clearomisers


  • not much here to say, really. Except with CE4 when much of e-liquid is gone. You should take care that your tank is always at least half-full.  

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The Smoker's Angel Tank

Here's another kit from ECigarettedirect - The Smoker's Angel Tank and it features 

  • 1 1000 mAh eGo battery
  • 1 CE5 clearomiser
  • 1 USB charger
  • 15ml e-liquid of your choice 
  • 1 year battery and 1 month clearomiser warranty (which I find excellent)

Price of this kit is - £24.98

It's good that ECigaretteDirect has decided to introduce a new and improved clearomiser in their offer with this kit. It's CE5, long-wicked and rebuildable (see the pic below).  You can also buy additional coil heads for this one at  the price of £1.99

I've been using it for 2 weeks now.

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