Green Smoke Batteries

GreenSmoke Batteries

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Here in the picture you can see all four of Green Smoke batteries -  mini (short), extended (long), USB and designer battery.  

Short Battery           length (Cartomizer+Battery) : 100 mm (4.0 inches) 

                                          weight (Cartomizer+Battery) : 14 g

Long Battery             length (Cartomizer+Battery) : 116 mm (4.6 inches)

                                          weight (Cartomizer+Battery) : 18 g

Designer Battery     like Long

USB Battery               like Short + 55-inch cord

Short battery allows you around 200 puffs per charge, whereas long -  approximately 280. Designer battery is the same length and performances as long.

Short lasts for 4-5 hours of rather intensive use;  long and designer battery  6-7 hrs. Note that we are talking about rather intensive vaping here, so someone else may take more time to go through them.

It took 3.5 hrs to get a small battery charged and 4.5hrs for the long one. It's less than stated on Green Smoke site, however batteries of other brands I've tested with similar performances and sizes take less time (Eversmoke for short, Apollo Extreme and Ozone Smoke for long).  This is merely an observation and not really an issue, since every Green Smoke starter kit comes with an USB battery.

Green Smoke Batteries - USB e-cig

Speaking of which, it comes in handy when you open your kit and want to start vaping right away. They say you should charge your batteries first, so you can use your uSB battery while they are being charged. 

Greensmoke USB e-cig - I've been vaping a lot these days. Simple to use, a great help when you can't leave your work or have your batteries still charging. Even while writing these lines I'm happily vaping on it. It's a great item, battery is the size of a mini cigarette, glows red and cord is 55 inches long. In the picture with menthol cartomizer.

Greensmoke batteries - Designer battery

Having already said everything about the design of Green Smoke batteries in my Pro Kit Review, I'll just add that designer battery also looks good, sleek and elegant – not flashy (I wouldn't like that anyway) and definitely suitable for both men and women.

There are eight designs on the site for the passionate users to collect them and they all glow green. Definitely not cheap but you can always wait for some pre-holiday discount Greensmoke has plenty of and get them at a more favorable price.

This is the right place to mention one of Green Smoke accessories that go well with their batteries - leather case. A click on the banner below will take you to its page and from there on you can browse the whole Green Smoke site.

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