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Ecig Development

Ecig development, past, present and future. What has been done and what is it going to look like in the years to come...


The whole electronic cigarette story goes way back to 1963 when Herbert A.Gilbert made the first electronic cigarette. Gilbert's e-cigarette was vaporless but that wasn't the only reason for it to be sent to oblivion: with the awareness of tobacco harm not widely spread - back then it was a piece of cake to sweep the whole thing under the carpet.

In this article I tried to figure out what it would be like if it had been given funds and attention then. Would we have had to wait for forty long years to see the vapor cigarette? I sincerely doubt so.

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APVs 1, 2, 3

Unlike practically all hobbyists out there, I am not so thrilled by advanced personal vaporizers - the third generation of electronic cigarettes with variable voltage, wattage and all the bells and whistles there are and there will be. But then again, I am not an e-cigarette hobbyist. I don't see the whole thing as a hobby and never will.

To me, electronic cigarette is a means to carry people from point A (smoking) to point B (non-smoking). It has to be good enough to do it. That's it as far as I am concerned. And I consider it very significant. Therefore I am primarily interested in the part of ecig development that enables smokers to make the switch to electronic cigarettes.

Anything else that caters to someone's overindulgence doesn't really interest me much. Plus there are concerns that I have, related to the increased consumption of e-liquid, which I discuss in my three part rant about advanced personal vaporizers.

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Future of Electronic Cigarettes

Future ecig development... what will it look like? I love using analogies, especially when discussing things that are yet to happen. How else can we know anything in advance without comparing it with something we have already witnessed. Thus, I compare the development of cell phones with present and future development of electronic cigarettes.

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