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Ecig Essentials

Ecig essentials - what you absolutely need to get started:

- two batteries

- two clearomizers and e-liquid (or a pack of cartomizers if you prefer cigalikes)

- one usb charger

Cigalike Ecig Essentials

Now, in case you don't want all that e-liquid and clearomizer hassle, you need to read this.

Also you might be a visual type who can't see an eGo or EVOD style battery as an adequate replacement for your cigarette cravings. Worry not - there are plenty of cigalikes on the market, imitating a real cigarette with more or less success. 

Some cigalikes from my collection

The first recommendation for the past and this year is GreenSmoke, sold in US, UK and practically everywhere today.

Here's link to our review of Pro Kit having 3 batteries  

Also, on GreenSmoke site you'll be able to find all kinds of kits, from basic  with 1 battery, express with two, double  for couples, which is essentially express x2 + additional carrying cases etc. 

We decided to put Green Smoke here because it has the best cartomizers we've tried so far. Hubby has been using them for months and here's the proof - from the order page on my account.

So you can see that I'm not doing some empty affiliate sales talk here. On the contrary -  I actually steal 1/3 of hubby's Green Smoke stash that I buy for him, lol:)  It's not the cheapest e-cig out there but we have every reason to like it.

OK, maybe you'd like to save more money, but still want a solid and good looking e-cigarette. There's South Beach Smoke (review) - our second recommendation. They offer subscription program for their cartomizers with 20% savings on it.  

Mid-size Ecig Essentials

If you don't mind eGo and EVOD style battery look this might be for you. Also what you love about them are two things 

- endless customization options (choose where to buy your batteries,  your e-liquids and your clearomizers. You basically don't need to worry with eGo thread and compatibility issues. These batteries are very popular and sold everywhere. So are the clearomizers. 

- saving money - you can save anywhere from 0-80% of your cigarette costs. It depends on you and only you! 

Some eGo e-cigs from my collection

The most popular starter kit among our visitors is clearly Apollo eGo Superior Kit (reveiw). IF you are just starting, you'll love it, because it's simple to use and endlessly customizable. Plus it won't cost you much.


Make sure you use one of Apollo discounts on your purchase. Present code is WINTER with 15% off your purchase, but you may look if there's any more favorable discount by clicking on their slider. 

I had to write that in red: some visitors miss it and  don't think they have any discount code when in fact they do. Just enter it in the appropriate field at the checkout and click apply code

Another great purchase would be their EVOD Kit. Performance is similar to eGos, thread is the same 510, so no compatibility issues with clearomizers at all.  EVOD just looks more elegant. We've used them both for months, so that's what we found out when comparing the batteries.  

A Word Or Two on Disposables

You can find disposables on almost any site that sells electronic cigarettes. They are sold either in single, 4 or 6 pack. They often give more puffs than the usual rechargeable battery: if the kit battery is 250 or 300 puffs, a disposable from the same company might be 300 or 500. But, once it's gone - it's gone. 

Disposable 6-pack

This is a good offer: 6 pack disposables by Eversmoke, a high quality supplier with good reputation. Plus, there are enough of them to try the package out with your friends or colleagues.

Frankly, I'm not fond of disposables for a couple of reasons:

- they are more expensive

- they aren't an environmentally friendly solution - too much to discard after only a short time of use 

- some companies carry disposables and reusables of different quality altogether.

I can think of one situation where disposables can work really good: you're throwing a party and want to do something for the smokers who attend. So, buy as many as you can. This can be not just fun, but you may be of serious help to some folks. Some people may remember your party for the rest of their lives. Now, that's something! 

But generally, if you want to try a brand, better buy a small kit first. A small kit is what I'd call a minimalistic variant of essentials - you are buying stuff to try it out first. It has one battery, one clearomizer + 10ml bottle of e-liquid (or one or two cartomizers). Price range is $15-30.

When you try it out, you are left with a battery that can be recharged and an usb charger to do it. If you like the brand, all you need is another battery and refills (whether cartomizers or e-juice)

Ecig Essentials UK - Smoker's Angel Special Offer


As for the cigarette- styles,  Smokers Angel offers 2 kits in one: Smoker's Halo kit and Free Mini Kit. This is  a limited time offer, so I hope it will find you still. Read my review of this product here. For the whole January this offer has an automatic additional 25% discount. Grab it while it's still here



Another perfect fit for a starter kit - Halo Ultra Tank. We absolutely love it here and couldn't resist ordering one more when they announced this 25% automatic discount - from GBP39 to GBP29. 

What's not to love - for that money you can't find anything even remotely similar in value - 

- two batteries in different sizes (650 and 1000mAH)

- 3 good old CE4 clearomizers

- 2 bottles of e-liquid in different strenghts (18 and 12mg - most widely used equivalents to full and light cigarettes). Choose tobacco or menthol flavor. 

- usb charger 

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