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Ecig Affiliate Programs


Green Smoke Affiliate Program

Green Smoke has its US and UK site and has been steadily spreading to other countries in EU and elsewhere. It's great to have companies doing business on both sites of the ocean. Why not when your site is in English – you can have readers from everywhere, limiting yourself to only one country is less productive in cases like this.

Also if you are from non-English speaking country, it's only a matter of time when Green Smoke  will arrive to you if it already hasn't. Besides, it's a great brand – I  have had buyers from Canada and Australia, too.

Apollo ecigs Affiliate Program

Apollo ecigs have their US and UK site. Their website was obviously created by someone who clearly understands website business – everything is simple, user friendly and at hand. They have grown much in the last two years.

US Ecig Affiliate Programs


Relatively new player on the e-cig field, but reliable and of a good quality. Has beautifully designed e-cigs with solid throat hit and much vapor. Geared mostly towards ladies and not so heavy smokers. Complete and beautifully designed. Pays regularly high commissions and has a great affiliate software.

South Beach Smoke 

Older sister company of Eversmoke, has many affiliates already,  which you can see for yourself if you browse the internet. Good points: batteries (manual and automatic), complete offer which includes USB battery, Portable Charger, very nice design of goods and packaging, affordable price and very friendly and helpful people you are going to deal with. Not so good - you'll have much competition and probably wait long until your first commission lands on your account. However, I certainly recommend getting affiliated with them.


Relatively new but with a wide selections of mid-size e-cigs and mods, has already achieved much success. Like sister companies, Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke,it also has generous 25% commissions and a two tier affiliate system in which you receive commissions not just from your own sales, but also from sales made by your sub-affiliates. 

UK Ecig Affiliate Programs

Beside already mentioned Appolo, Greensmoke and V2cigs, there is also Ecigarettedirect.

Ecigarettedirect.co.uk – Smoker's Angel doesn't offer  the highest commission in the industry, but everything else about this company is absolutely great. The conversion is high, because the products are both high quality (especially e-liquid and cartridges!)  and affordable. They support their affiliates really well.

The site is different from any other e-cig sites out there – this one has a strong socially engaged e-cig vibe – there are studies results, interviews with experts, guides, an active blog that will give you a backlink if you make sense in the comments, lots of other material they are selflessly giving out for you to build some quality content on your site too. If you are just starting you'll be grateful for that.

Read more about ECigaretteDirect (Smoker's Angel)  affiliate program and sign up for e-cig affiliate tips and info below.

Read more about ECigaretteDirect (Smoker's Angel)  affiliate program and sign up for e-cig affiliate tips and info below.

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