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E cigarette Today

A series of articles about e cigarette today and its development. Plus something about e-cig vs Powers That Be.

Public Health Posers and Their "Focus on Kids"

This is not the first time and , I'm afraid, won't be the last that someone uses kids as a cover for their own manipulative agenda. For me it's just another sign that the levels public health posers are ready to stoop to are the lowest of low.

Public Health Circus 
(or how I found the right photo for this section)

Today in Sydney - tomorrow in your city. Enjoy

E-cigarette Research And Politics

More research is needed! More than once we can hear cigarette opponents suddenly falling in love with science when it comes to e-cigarette.

Something tells me this love is only going to get bigger than life.  As they are increasingly being left without any shred of what might resemble a sound evidence

City Councils Dreaming about More Tax And No Opposition 

No surprise here. Probably encouraged by their Big Brother WHO and its anti-ecig idiocy, some City councils are demonstrating the same levels of arrogant stupidity. 

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The Secret to E-cig Success 

Why has this simple device with so many variations got so many users and proponents? Why does it have forums, supporters, even a political party? Why does its success dwarf the  products whose research and development was heavily funded by big pharma and their billions of $$?

E-cig Mainstream?

Although we probably won't see it all too soon, ecigarette becoming mainstream is inevitable. 
New brands and styles have been developing - this is an overwhelmingly fast growing field! Despite anti e-cig media frenzy, the number of vapers has been growing steadily and there are millions of them at the moment. 

Big Pharma, Big Tax and Big Tobacco have been doing everything in their power to prevent vaping from becoming mainstream. We can expect imposing ridiculously expensive certifications and senseless laws on electronic cigarette industry. However, I am optimistic about ecigarette becoming mainstream. It's just that we'll have to wait some time to see that. As for its opponents, they may win a few battles here and there. But war – they have already lost it.

E-cigarette Users

This paper on an online survey of e-cigarette users should be of special interest to everyone involved in electronic cigarettes business. How old are vapers, indeed?

The survey was conducted by UK-based e-cigarette supplier, EcigaretteDirect.co.uk, who collected the data and independent university researchers at the TobaccoHarmReduction.org project, who performed the analysis part.

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Chinese E-cig

Chinese Hon Lik  invented vapor cigarette. E cigarette today can't be what it is without Chinese companies  manufacturing more than 90% of today's world supply. Some of them send it to you at no shipping cost whatsoever! With all that said, the quality of e-cig products you've just ordered from China is mostly – unpredictable. 

Electronic Cigarettes - A Revolution in Progress

How much money are the big three – your government, tobacco industry and big pharma, losing if you quit? According to my calculation, much too much! I didn't need any hard statistical data and neither do you. Just use your own example and the tobacco tax data pertaining to your country/state you can find on the internet. If you haven't done anything similar before you might find yourself quite surprised.

Government vs Electronic Cigarettes

Have you ever considered the shortened life of an average smoker as big money savings for any government? Well if a smoker is expected to live 5 or more years less on average and if most smokers die in their 60s and 70s, how much pension money remains to the governements?

So, it's not only the tax money we have been paying as smokers. It's the pension money we are leaving on the government's table. Two fortunes are here at stake, not just one. Is it then wonder that e cigarette today has more than just Big Pharma and Big Tobacco against it?

Tobacco Industry And Big Pharma

As far as tobacco industry is concerned, they actually want us to live longer despite the products they have been selling. They do want us to have superior genetics to endure it, so they can sell us their product as long as possible.

Unlike the Big Pharma, supposed to help us protect our health but too busy to care about that. There is big money to be made and in order to make that money virtually every step and every phase of our addiction is being covered with corresponding pharmaceutical help which somehow leaves much to be desired in terms of effectiveness. Not in terms of money we pay for it.

If Electronic Cigarette Was Invented by Big Pharma

Yes, you've found about e cigarette today or yesterday. Or last month, although it has been sold for eight years now. There's this product almost everyone who has tried is raving about. But you've heard of it only recently! Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible and why it is so.

You might have even registered something about e-cig being mentioned, but the context was either totally negative or too dissmissive.

Well this is why - it was invented by a Chinese guy, not by any of the Powers That Be.


Remove nicotine from the system of a, say, 20-30-year-long smoker and what you get is a person with focus impairment, weight gain and mood deterioration.

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