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E-cig Glossary


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electonic cigarette consisting of two parts – battery and cartomizer (a note: you'll often find the word cartridge instead of cartomizer on websites selling them. However, in reality, only 3 piece cigalikes like Prosmoke have atomizer and cartridge separately).


electronic cigarette consisting of three parts – battery, atomizer and cartridge

in the picture: Prosmoke m403 battery 

401, 402, 403 (m401, m402, m403)

styles of electronic cigarettes with same threading on batteries and atomizers, but batteries of different length and capacity,

M401 108mm 180mAh
M402 96mm 150mAh
M403 85mm 100mAh

Picture Prosmoke'

eGo/510 thread

the most popular e-cigarette thread as far as penstyels are concerned – male threading on cartomizer/atomizer, female threading on battery (see: female thread and male thread)

808, 901, 906

styles of electronic cigarettes, female thread on cartomizer or atomizer, male on battery, see KR808d-1, KR808-d2, DSE906


(American Association of Public Health Physicians)

supports electronic cigarettes sales to adults, "because the possibility exists to save the lives of four million of the eight million current adult American smokers who will otherwise die of a tobacco-related illness over the next twenty years"


used to enable one style of atomizer or cartomizer to fit onto a different style of battery. Dragonfly e-cigs sell bunch of them for every combination you can think of.

advanced personal vaporizer,


Also known as APV , usually has stronger battery with advanced features  - variable voltage, variable wattage etc. batteries in the picture. Advanced features do provide more pleasant and complete vaping experience, however, be advised that the consumption of e-liquid can be considerably higher, especially if you are using cartridges/cartomizers/clearomizers with low resistance atomizers. 



tobacco cigarette (vaping slang, in reference to analog vs. digital)


atomiser (BE),


part of e-cigarette

consists of head, base and cone, screws into battery

battery powers the atomizer that turns e-liquid into vapour.  

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E-cig Glossary

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