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E-cig glossary

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a flexible extension, available with 510 connections, designed to keep the e-cig further away from the user's face as a safety device, especially when driving, also enables comfortable vaping in various positions.

heating element

see: filament

high resistance


Higher resistance of atomizer causes slower heating of filament. These cartomizers/atomizers should be used with with a higher voltage battery which.

ICR (battery)

lithium ion cobalt rechargeable (battery)

IMR (battery)

lithium ion manganese rechargeable (battery)


see: e-liquid, e-juice


here: throat hit, the feeling at the back of the throat when you inhale


here refers to e-cig imitations,(for instance, a very popular eGo style has many knock-offs on the market, so go to Joyetech website to see how genuine product looks like)

knucklehead (drip tip)

Colored Rotatable Drip Tip for 510/901 (360 Degree Rotation)

adjustable drip-tip, you can adjust the angle

low resistance


Lower resistance (Ohm rating) of atomizer causes heating element to get hot faster, which results in better vapor production. Pros: more vapor and more flavor Cons: more battery charging and atomizer burns out faster.



a sub-unit of ampere-hour which is a unit of electric charge, (mAh is referred to when talking about battery capacity).

manual battery

a style of battery that has a button near the top, at the side of the battery and it needs to be pressed to enable a vape, unlike automatic style battery. Today you can fin cig-style and pen-style manual batteries.

micro e-cigarette

same size like regular cigarettes.

mini e-cigarette

e- cigarette of about 102-103mm length - can fit in PCC for recharging (PCC stands for Portable charging case).

This one is from UK, Smoker's Halo kit, sold by Ecigarettedirect. Click the picture if you want to read the reveiw.


More meanings here:

either a modification to a device or accessory (to get the existing features improved) or a design variation, normally done by manufacturers.

It can also refer to some home-made e-cigs (please, don't do it, unless you are a successful chemical engineer. Nobody wants to have another kaboom with you toothless at best, and tv reporting on your case and plastering all normally manufactured e-cigs it can find, all over the screen.)


one who is into modding (explained above)

nicotine level,

nicotine strength

GreenSmoke flavors

There are various nicotine levels in e-liquids or cartomizes, in the range 0-24mg mostly (usually 0-6-12-18-24mg, but you can find other levels like 16-22-28mg out there)

There are higher levels for sale as well, but they are not recommended for direct use, they can be used for mixing (dilution), if you are making your liquid yourself. While you are new to this all, don't get overly creative, please.

In the picture you can see GreenSmoke flavors, which we have tried all and for us, it still remains the best cigalike flavor collection to this day. Click the picture to read review on GreenSmoke flavors.


Nicotine Replacement Therapy

all those things like nicotine gums and patches that work in less than 5% cases (in the long run) and cost much money

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