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mostly lithium-ion battery, comes in different sizes and strengths and either has a LED light for automatic activation or a button to activate manually (in the picture: UK's Smoker's Angel battery with cartomizer on the left, see review of the starter kit)

BDC Clearomizers

Aspire and Aspire Mini Clearomizers

BDC stands for bottom dual coil  clearomizer technology, providing more vapor than top coil clearos and better throat hit than single bottom coil clearos. Read review


Bottom vertical coil - recently appeared both with Kangers and Aspires. Their looks vary greatly depending on the type of clearomizer. This here is Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm tank's BVC, while Protanks BVC looks quite different. Everybody says they are an improvement in relation to BVC. I haven't really noticed it, frankly.


cartridges or cartomizers to be filled with e-liquid by users.

blunt tip needle bottle (caps)

Blunt Tip Needle Bottle Caps

sold either as a bottle with cap or just as a cap like here, very handy for filling cartomizers, you don't need any syringe

bottom coil (tank) clearomizer

Kanger Protanks 1 and 2 plus Davide Mini Glassomizer

BCC - Clearomizer with coil at the bottom of the tank, It comes with replaceable atomizer heads and gives warmer vapor, cleaner flavor and no wicking problems. Examples on the left - Kanger Protank 1, 2 and Anyvape Davide Mini Glassomizer. See reviews.



metal u-shaped part of the atomizer that comes into contact with the e-liquid, e-liquid then flows from the bridge into the heating element (filament)



(rubber bungs) for cartridges/cartomizers, usually in colours so you can differentiate your cart(o)s containing various e-liquids


Smoker's Halo Refills

see: cartomizer or cartomiser. They come in different flavors and the most common are tobacco, menthol, chocolate, coffee. Also fruit flavors are getting more popular as vapers get more experienced in using electronic cigarettes. In the picture on the left you can see UK Smoker's Halo Kit flavor cartomisers. Read reveiw  


cartomiser (BE)

a combination of disposable atomizer and cartridge.  

cartomizer tank


also: tank, a tube to hold e-liquid, with cartomizer in the middle of of it which has a hole punched in the bottom. When you inhale, vacuum suction draws e-liquid from the tank into the cartomizer through the hole. An e-cigarette tank can hold more e-liquid than regular cartomizers. (4ml, even 7ml)

cartridge, cart

tube-shaped piece with some sort of absorbent filler material that holds the juice. Types of cigalikes with separate atomizers use cartridges. One of them is Prosmoke - review here.


(Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association)

US Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, a non-profit organisation


Kanger Protank 2 and Davide Mini Glassomizer

transparent cartomizers, usually made of thin, very easily breakable plastic or pyrex glass like these in the pic. With or without wicks


kanthal or nichrome wire inside the atomizer,

heats up and vaporizes e-liquid


a part that covers the section joining battery to atomizer. It is conical in shape, looks like atomizer but is hollow. See in in the pic to the right. Basically its function is to make eGo e-cig look better with smaller clearomizers like this one.


empty cartridge to be filled with e-liquid you prefer (blank)


Cotinine (anagram of „nicotine“) is a metabolite of nicotine. It remains detectable in blood for several days (up to one week) upon tobacco smoke consumption or exposure to it and therefore used as an indicator for tobacco smoke exposure. It includes secondary, so-called passive smoke. It is noteworthy that you can have relatively high level of cotinine in your blood when using nicotine gums, patches or electronic cigarette.


<10 ng/mL - no active smoking

10 g/mL to 100 ng/mL - light smoking or moderate passive exposure

>300 ng/mL - more than 20 cigarettes a day

Under the name Scotine it is sold as an antidepressant (Makes you think...)

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E-cig Glossary B-C

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