Best Electronic Cigarettes for Ladies

What you are looking for here are most probably some high quality e-cigs with an elegant design. We've tried several most popular brands on US market and are sure that you'll find your favorite among them. Reviews are included in links. All of them ship internationally.

Greensmoke - Quality First

Greensmoke is based in US but has its business also in UK, EU, SA (in the meantime they might have spread to some other parts of the globe, so just check their site).  

Greensmoke for ladies, designer battery and variety pack

Greensmoke designer battery with variety pack cartomizers/cartridges

Generally good looking ecig, with carefully crafted details, nothing uber-fancy though – Greensmoke is best suited for those who prefer reliable cigarette with great cartromizer quality to anything else. 

I find their Absolute Tobacco flavor absolutely great. My husband prefers menthol and many agree Greensmoke menthol is the best. Apart from these, I'm sure many people will love Vanilla Dreams or Mocha Mist and some might be drawn to Golden Tobacco. 

Batteries last long enough and for those who work at their laptops and pc-s USB battery that Greensmoke offers comes in handy. I'm using it as I'm writing these lines.

So your priority is not necessarily to impress anyone (although it might very well happen, I am kind of impressed by its look). However, what you are ultimately after is high quality and then design. And you are ready to pay a little extra for the combination of the two. 

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Eversmoke - Value for Money

Let's say you want something that is both good enough, produces plenty of vapor (especially if you take into account it's a little mini e-cig), looks elegant, and every now and then there are some sales to pleasantly surprise you, like this 25% one on the Eversmoke site. 

There's a small kit for less 29$ if you just want to try out Eversmoke. There's also flavor sample for less than 16$ with their 6 flavors. 

Classic Tobacco and Coffee Creation are my favorite Eversmoke flavors. 

Beside automatic, they also have a manual battery  and just recently they've introduced strong nic level - 24mg.

Their PCC (portable charging case) is a beauty. All in all, Eversmoke has done some mighty good work on the design of their e-cigs. Unlike Greensmoke which is more gender-neutral, Eversmoke with its crystal tip is a real ladies' e-cig.

These are good, good looking and favorable e-cigs. One of my favorite US e-cigs, therefore included here. Eversmoke provides home delivery program upon request with significant discount. 

And there's my 10% automatically applied discount for anything you buy at Eversmoke.

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EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Look, Feel & Taste like the real thing, but they're not.

South Beach Smoke

Read oru review on South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke's basic starter kit with two batteries looks great.

With new, improved batteries and 10 different flavors, you are bound to find at least a few favorites. Mine so far are vanilla and peach.

This brand has a complete offer: manual, automatic and USB batteries, Portable Charging Case, enough flavors to chose from and pretty favorable price plus discounts.

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

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