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Best Electronic Cigarette

First, never trust anyone who gives you a generic answer to this question.  It doesn't make sense that one thing fits everybody, anyway.

Of course all sellers will swear it is exactly their e-cigs that will suit your needs no matter who you are and how much and what kind of cigarette you are (were) using.  

What may be the best e-cigarette for you really depends on what type of smoker you are. And by this I mean two things: 

a) how many cigs daily you smoke

b) also important - are you more hooked on nicotine or on ritual of smoking

Thing is (a) is pretty clear to anyone, (b) not so much, I'm afraid. I don't see anybody writing or talking about it 

Best Electronic cigarette

If you are hooked on ritual of smoking, it doesn't really matter how much nicotine you take daily. In your case cig-alikes will do. And in your case suppliers' claims that their cigs are equivalent to 20 or even 30 tobacco cigs may even be true. Because if what you're missing is holding a cigarette and puffing away, it's  the number of puffs that counts. (And that number is something most suppliers are telling the truth about.)

Green Smoke, all batteries and flavors

So, my recommendation would be Green Smoke first (click the picture to read review). Their tobacco palette is so good that we in the house haven't decided yet which one to order now. 

Apart from GreenSmoke tobacco flavors, I loved their Mocha Mist and my husband says Menthol is great.

Although a bit more on the expensive side and even with some things still missing in their assortment - portable charging case or a manual battery - in my opinion it is the best electronic cigarette among cig-alikes. 

South Beach Smoke all flavors and De Luxe Kit

More favourable (and with a more complete offer) and also good are South Beach Smoke (click the picture to see review) and Eversmoke. 

One more thing – these two brands are fully compatible

You can also use GreenSmoke and Eversmoke interchangeably.

It's not the same with GreenSmoke and South Beach Smoke, though. I had trouble with GreenSmoke cartomizer on South Beach Smoke battery, but not the other way round.

Apollo Extreme Kit and their tobacco flavors are good for those types of heavy smokers who don't want to fiddle with mid-size ecigs like eGo type. Long lasting batteries and cartomizers, sharp and strong tobacco flavor. See review in the link above.

However, if you are primarily addicted to nicotine, you'll burn two, three or even more of cartomizers a day. You'll go bankrupt if you purchase cig-alikes. That's why I use them only occassionally. If this is your case too, then you might want to go with mid-size cigs. 

These are known as eGo, Kgo, EVOD like this one above, and other types. I recommend eGos and EVODs - there are accessories to buy practically everywhere. Check our the new Apollo Endeavor Kit above. 

These were all general criteria. Now, to the more specific ones:

Electronic Cigarettes for Ladies

There's no single answer even here. Well, especially not here, since the criteria are numerous. All we can do is name several main ones and see which brand meets the requirements.

Electronic Cigarettes for VG Lovers

In case you prefer pen-style cigarettes, it all depends on the e-liquid you choose.

If you want the experience that matches tobacco cigarette in your hand, Prosmoke is ideal for you. E-liquid in cartridges is pure VG, US made like everything else on that site.

US Made Electronic Cigarettes

When and if you want to play safe, here is Prosmoke again. It is a widely known fact that most manufacture comes from China. I myself don't really have that many concerns about it, but you might think different.  

As for the e-liquid, it's Virgin Vapor, Apollo e-liquid or Halo e-liquid. The first one is pure VG.

Affordable e-cig

Both these brands mentioned and reviewed in this article are regularly used in my house. You don't necessarily have to give up quality if you want to save some money.

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